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  1. I have the XPize Settings set to Startup with Windows so that the changes to my desktop icons (Desktop View Style = Tile) get applied every time I start Windows, and refreshes every 5 seconds. But when XPize starts, it shows up in the System Tray (which is expected) but it also shows up as a window on my desktop with only the titlebar visible. I then have to click the minimize button to get it to go away and only be visible in the System Tray. Is there some way that I can get XPize to just show up in the System Tray without having to minimize this "titlebar only" Xpize Settings window? The screen shot below shows what XPize does when it first starts:
  2. How do I change back to MS Sans Serif instead of Tahoma for system dialogs (MS Dlg pointer back to MS Sans Serif)??

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