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  1. It worked, thanks. I bet I've missed those other posts...
  2. Hi! I've just installed Xpize 4.2 MCE, it really freshend my computer :-) But one little problem (or is it just me), when I open paint and try to change the color by typing the RGB value windows wil display 3 digits. But when you remove them en try to typ in a new value the third digit windows beeps. It seems only 2 digits are allowed. I've tried removing paint.exe from the Xpize list, but that doesn't work (is it an explorer.exe thing). In MSN Messenger (8/WLM whatever) the same problem occours. Am I the only one wiith this problem or is it something global :-) And removing explorer.exe isn't quiete the solotion I'm hoping for. So, does anyone else have an idea :-) Thanks! Joostje PS: Ow I'm running Win XP (dûh) SP2, dutch version.

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