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  1. Now, spanish translation is nearly to be finished! (Only a few pages remain). I would appreciate any sugestions or comments about this job. Thanks!
  2. ¡HEY! When I start WPI.HTA I received this message: Script error: Line: 376 Char: 1 Error: 'tabJSCRIPT' is undefined Code: 0 File: \wpi\wpi.hta What's the problem? Thanks a lot.
  3. Try this: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/79
  4. You can try to enter the Setup Bios Program Utility, pressing SUPR at boot. Next, you should disable the Card Reader, USB slots, etc. Install Windows as normal and the main partition should be C: After that, you can reboot, reenter Setup Bios Program and enable Card Reader, Usb, etc. Windows detects the Card Reader, installs it automatically and assign the first available letter. PD. Sorry for my english, I'm spanish
  5. Hello, I'm from Spain and I've been looking for a spanish translation of the Unattended XP Cd/Dvd Guide for a long time, but I didn't find anything. So, I've decided to do this job on my own. I found some collaborators in http://www.windowsue.com and a lot of people of this forum helped me in this task. I haven't got too much time to get the finish result quickly, but today, I've finished both the Initial and Intermediate Sections. If you are interested in this project, contact me. You can visit the following homepage to read the translation: http://webs.ono.com/msfn.1 I hope you like it. ¡See you!
  6. Hey! What a wonderful program! Congratulations!
  7. Great idea! Here you have the loader I've created by EasyBoot v5. IMPORTANT: Spanish version. Jaconbue.zip

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