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  1. About 2 days ago I got a boot error from Vista saying that volmgrx.sys was corrupt or missing,with error code 0xc00000e9. I did a repair and although it didn't fix the problem, I was able to hit enter and Windows would boot normally. This has suddenly also stopped working when I turned on this evening - whenever Vista boots I get the same error. Safe mode won't fix it, last known good won't fix it and even putting in my Windows CD and doing a repair won't fix it, even though the repair log says it found that the file was corrupt and supposedly fixed it. Same error happens as soon as I reboot after the repair. Any ideas?
  2. Hah.. this happened to me with my old P4 (mounted with Arctic Silver 5) I came to take the fan off to Ebay the CPU and the fan had glued itself to the top of the chip to the extent that when I pulled the fan off, the chip came with it despite the locking lever being down. Luckily no pins came off and I was able to sell it. It had been on there about 2 years.
  3. Nothing unusual - a few games, a few standard tools like Paint Shop Pro and Firefox. I hadn't installed anything new when the crashing started.
  4. For *xxxx'x* sake.. (See here for background and specs http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=70513 ) The problem with the USB not working seems to have been fixed by moving everything to a powered hub. However, the crashing has returned, again. If I try and run too much 3D stuff, the PC freezes with no errors or anything - everything just stops with watever happened to be on the screen at the time. Theres no corruption of the image, no graphical artefacts. A complete reinstall of Windows fixes things completely, every time, for about 1 to 2 weeks, and then it starts again (it was a week last Saturday I last reinstalled - the crashes returned last night). The last time I reinstalled, I got rid of my original HD and replaced it with a different one. This is driving me INSANE. Please help.. *sob*
  5. *sigh* ..and the crashing's started again... Its been fine ever since the reformat - no crashes, no matter how long I play and no matter how detailed the game. And then I come to play Quake 4 today and it crashed after about 15 minutes. I reset and started the game again, and it crashed after a few seconds. I tried Lost Coast, which always crashed it before the reformat, and worked perfectly after it, and this also crashed after a few seconds. Both these games were perfectly stable a few days ago - I've not changed or moved anything inside, and if anything the room is slightly colder than usual. What's happening....?
  6. Neither my graphics card (a Powercolor X1900XT) nor Mobo (an ABit KN8 Ultra) came with any temperature monitoring software. I've checked the CDs thoroughly and looked on the manufacturers' websites, but I can't find anything. Are there any 3rd party programs that I can use to check the temperature of my CPU and card?
  7. It seems to be working fine now It must have been drivers not uninstalling properly (or I missed one) as I've not had a crash yet and have been playing HL2 for an hour or so. I feel a bit of a tit for not reformatting in the first place, but hey-ho - its a learning curve. Big thanks to everyone who helped point me in the right direction
  8. I had to reactivate it, but you don't need to buy a new copy. Phoned a number it gave me when I started up, entered the serial number into the automated system, and it read me back an activation code. Simple really. Anyway, I've formatted my primary HD, and things seem better. It will get through the whole of 3DMark 06 without a crash now - I'm having to reinstall all my Steam games so we'll see what Lost Coast does to it this evening.
  9. Why would I buy a new copy of XP when I have a perfectly good one already? I can understand reinstalling, but getting a whole new one...?
  10. MemTest has done 200% coverage now - not detected any problems. I want to do a full reinstall, but theres a few things I want that I can't reinstall, due to losing/breaking CDs etc. Is there any way to just move them and rebuild the registrt for them afterwards?
  11. Thanks for the replies - (I didn't mean to sound a bit ungrateful with that big quoted post BTW). Its a fairly beefy PSU - 500W with two 12V rails at 22A each. http://www.enermax.com/english/product_Display1.asp?PrID=4 The other one had 3 rails at 17A each. Only the rear and the top exhaust fans use the PSU power - the rest piggyback 4 pin molexes. Anyway, the plot thickens..... I noticed today that the freezing seems more than usual, so I ran 3DMark2006 again, and it froze on the 'Assault on Procyon' test, at the bit where the big metal tank comes off the wall. This is reproducible, and happens at the same point each time I run it. I did a few more tests, particularly the CPU tests, which it passed flawlessly. When I first set the system up, it would get through all the 3DMark06 tests without any problems. Today the room isn't any warmer that it usually is. I haven't added or changed any hardware either.
  12. Thanks for the reply, but.. Its a single beep indicating all is well according to the manual. Plus the RAM was working completely fine in my last system. All very well, but I'd need 2 computers for that. If I already had one that worked I wouldn't need the other. Yes it is. And it was working fine for the first 2 weeks. Nope, its a Samsung.
  13. ..but something definitely is. Right.. my old system, of 2 years, looked like this: ASUS P4C800 mobo 3GHz P4 800MHz FSB 1GB Corsair TwinX RAM ASUS 256MB Radeon 9800XT 80GB IDE HD (primary) 120GB SATA HD 160GB SATA HD DVD drive CD-RW drive Antec 480W PSU running XP Home. This ran with no problems. About 3 weeks ago, I replaced the CPU, mobo and graphics card with: ABit KN8 Ultra mobo AMD 64 X2 4400+ PowerColor 512MB Radeon X1900XT Zalman CNPS9500 CPU fan Antec NeoHE 500W PSU keeping all the rest. Thats when things went awry... At first, everything was fine, except when I tried to run a very graphically intensive game, like HL2:Lost Coast it would freeze completely after a few seconds and I'd have to reboot. It would also sometimes when I booted it, make healthy POST beeps, but no picture would appear on the screen (I have a CRT using a DVI-VGA converter). Other times it would get to the Windows loading splash screen, but no further. I had a UV striplight in the case which was only lit halfway along, so I though that my PSU wasn't powerful enough. After a bit of research I found that the NeoHEs were a bit of a blot on Antec's otherwise spotless record, so I got an Enermax Liberty 500W instead. No difference. After this I discovered that it was actually one of my drives that was causing one of the booting problems. If I have my 120GB SATA's data cable plugged in then the PC boots fine, goes through the POST and gets as far as the 'Windows XP Loading' screen but no further. The green bar contiunues to move, but nothing loads. No drives are whirring during this time. I've left it for half an hour before, but nothing. This drive hasn't got any system or OS files on it, its just data. And its only this drive, none of the others do it, even when I switch around the SATA channels they are plugged into. If I plug it in once Windows has loaded, it is recognised and I can use it as normal. Recently, (ie, it didn't do this at first) if I boot the PC with something plugged into the USB ports on the front of the case, then none of my USB devices work. No mouse, no modem, no printer. If I wait till Windows has loaded, I can plug things in there and use it as normal. The 3D problem still occurs if I try to run very graphically intensive games. There are no artefacts or anything, it just freezes after a few seconds. Its not a cooling problem. I have 4 intake fans - two 80mm fans in the front at the bottom, and two 40mm fans in a 5.25" bay - and 4 exhaust fans - one in the top, one in the back, the PSU fan and the OTES on my graphics card. None of the air coming out of these feels particularly warm (except the OTES). All my cables inside are round (no flat IDE cables) and tucked away. The airflow inside is free to move around and over everything. Its not the PSU, as I changed it, seeing no difference. I don't think its the CPU. I've had it up to 100% many times with no problems. I run folding@home which regularly keeps if occupied for hours, showing no signs of trouble. I've also run that SuperPI thing with no trouble. I made sure to regularly earth myself on the metal bath taps while I was putting it all together. I have reinstalled all my graphics drivers and have DirectX up to date, and I installed all the drivers for my motherboard. This leaves the mobo broken, or the card. Which do you think it is? Or have I missed something? Please help, this stuff was *really* expensive..

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