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  1. Changing name of "my" folders

    Big thanks, this is exacly what i was looking for! Now i have to find some time to test it, and then i will say is that working UPDATE: OK, i have time, and I am now altering this strings but I cant find 'My Music' string, even when I use CTRL+F and using "find in document" option, i cant find anything. Just like it doesn't exist Also i changed My Computer name, and My Network Places (i dont remember the english ver. names) by the same way as My Documents, and My Pictures (but in other "*.INF" files) Oh and what with that "cmdlines.txt" file I also can't find it UPDATE 17.08.07 I'm soo sad, after succesfully modiyfing and burning CD, and installing Windows. Nothing changed! There was still the same folder names, except My Pictures Folder with was now in "%USERPROFILE%\Files\Pictures" (Just like i wanted) but everything else was like in normal windows. Then i asked myself WTF?!
  2. Changing name of "my" folders

    I was looking for answer but i found nothing Like in title :] I was thinking about something like this: Files -Pictures -Music instead of this: My Documents -My Pictures -My Music Can someone help me?
  3. Vista on PIII 800 with 1024MB RAM?

    The question is what type of RAM you are using? Cause i815 (or i810) chipsets had limit to 512MB of RAM So you are using extreme very very very very (and repeat it again forever) slow RDRAM or you are using VIA chipset which was available to work with up to 1,5GB. But to don't answer with question on your question I will answer. I've got Duron 900Mhz with 512MB PC133 SDRAM and r9550 which is absolutely minimum for Windows Vista, and yes there is very big different between all the windows i sort it from the fastest to the slowest: XP>vLite>Vista I also prefer to turn off many services like Computer Browsing etc. Lot of stuff like this you don't need, even if you want it, it will be very slow (things like indexing etc) So if you have 1GB so t should run quite well just try! btw. What type of PIII it is? Coppermine 10x100Mhz 0,18 Coppermine 7,5x133Mhz 0,18 Tualatin 7,5x133Mhz 0,13 Tualatin 10x100Mhz 0,13 (don't tell me that 10x100 is Celeron cause it is, but not always! There are some pieces of Pentium 100Mhz FSB) If it`s one of 100Mhz FSB or its 133 Mhz FSB Tualatin try Overclocking your cpu PS. I was writing it with Firefox and Ubuntu dictionary, i hope that you can read it all without problems Anyway sorry for my English!
  4. Winamp 5.24 works good

    Yes I agree with you, but there is one small problem :] Soo we can say that it works on 98%
  5. minimal vista with ReadyBoost

    You can always try to use 99min CDs (~850MB)