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  1. I have been playing around and I tried formating in NTFS the results are amazing I have gone from nearly 2 hours for the 1st section of the install to about 4 mins. All is not well though on part3 of the install I get an error Windows could not start because the following file was missing or currupt <Windows Root>\system32\hal.dll Please reinstall a copy of the above file So I am going to try and find out why I get this message, but if anyone knows why please tell me
  2. Ok I have done that and it works but install is really slow Usb 2.0 flash drive is there anything known to speed things up ?
  3. I have been following this project and decided to give it a go, but I have run into a problem. The install to Flash Drive seems to work fine I have opted to have XP, BartPE, and Vista. XP boots and starts to install but blue screens on "Starting Windows" (text section) the error is Stop 0x0000007b (0xf7c80524, 0x00000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) Vista works fine I have yet to try BartPE The PC is a Dell 755 with sata hard drive
  4. To be truthful I'm not sure, but I'm not crap with computers I can program in machine code and 6502 and I have worked my way around php when I have needed to, for what its worth and I have been in IT as a systems manager since 1996 so I can learn if needed. I just don't seem to able to find out where to start I have been searching for two weeks with no real pointers on how to go about this
  5. I want to do two things on my web site but I really can't find the correct information. I want to create certificates (like a swimming certificate) on my site that users can add certain details i.e. name and type of award. these could be printed or emailed I would also like to enable sms messaging, that the user would have to pay for through the site. thanks
  6. I would just like to inform you of www.cyberdumped.com a website that was around a long time ago well I decided to bring it back its the perfect place to dump you lover online we are still in the early stages of getting the site back but please come along and take a look you might just enjoy your visit. I would love to hear comments and suggestions. Just remember its all just for fun
  7. I had problems with Nvidia based NICs here is how I got it working (I have done all the googling for you) http://www.doitrightconsulting.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=196 good luck
  8. I have managed to create a 7zip silent installer and now I want to be able to deploy this to my users by way of a GPO. I have tried using windows installer wrapper but I think I may be missing something as the final MSI is never big enough to contain the original exe. Can anyone give an idea how to use this program properly or do you have a better solution?
  9. Thank for yur reply cluberti I am using RogueSpears Autoimage, it seems that some of the drivers have been omitted from the driver pack B BTS has said he will be updating the driverpack very soon
  10. I am having problems imaging some Toshiba Satalite Pro A10's they are all on bios version 1.3 and they all blue screen with a stop error on the file portcls.sys its not the image as it works perfectly on all the other machines I have used it on. The problem happens at the 34 min point and it says to try turning off bios shadowing and caching but bios shadowing is not an option in the bios I have searched for a newer bios update but I am unable to find anything newer than 1.3. Any ideas?
  11. Hi all I thought I would give the second ip thing a go this morning, I thought what the hell it will only take a miniute, and guess what....... RIS is working, it worked straight away I didn't even have to stop and restart the binlsvc. So I'm one happy guy again Thanks everyone for your help
  12. Oh well guess I was hoping for an easier solution any other ideas why i woundn't be getting the ip address? Setup is 2003 Domain controller, 2003 RIS Server, and Linux DHCP and DNS
  13. I have just found this post http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=56022&hl= Would having an ip for two different networks really cause this problem? I will have to wait till the morning to check this one out.
  14. Thanks jaclaz I will have a look at Winner. I seem to have a problem I have made the changes as to the post I refered to but I still can't get an ip address on the initial boot stage, the server seems to be working I can renew the ip in windows but not at the initial stage although the server is offering the ip lease. Does anyone have any idea what I can look at next?
  15. I have been reading some older posts and think i may have found my answer here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...140&hl=dhcp so I will try this first sorry to bother you all
  16. Over the summer I have been forced to move from windows dhcp to linux dhcp (we have had a couple citrix suites installed). This as left me with a problem I can't get RIS to work with the Linux dhcp, it worked at first with no problems, but as time has gone on less and less clients are getting an ip address from dhcp. Has anyone got this working if so how?
  17. I tried that but its a modern bios I am goig to try a few different drivers tonight at home and see what happens
  18. I just realised I quoted the MB as 81g1000mx it is in fact 81G1000MK, maybe this may help to get some help?
  19. Hi there RogueSpear, I have tried that and the drivers work, there is no issues with driver signing they install perfect. When install everthing is fine the PC interacts with the network fine.
  20. I tried that and it didn't work Heres what I did I expanded the DP_lan drivers pack found the Intel pro 100 drivers overwrote the drivers there and repackaged them. Is this correct or should I create a new directory and if so what should I call it? Thanks
  21. Hi RogueSpear I think I might of confused what I was trying to say I have 45 pcs with this MB so I want it to work, as apposed to only 1 of the 45 not working. As to BashRats upates I downloaded them this morning and tried them But I'm still getting the same error on the graphical side of the install
  22. I am setting up RIS and I have nearly all of my PC's working. But one is proving to be a right pain, Firstly I am very new to all this so if I am making an obvious mistake please tel me. OK I have used RogueSpears AutoImage to intergrate the driverpacks and they appear to have worked but on this one machine (there are nearly 45 of this model) RIS works fine on the text mode section of the install only it fails on the Graphical side, not logging on to the domain. If I look in device manager the NIC driver has not loaded. The motherboard is Gigabyte GA-81G1000MK and the onboard NIC reports to be a Intel pro 100 VE. Now I know I must be doing something really wrong and it is probably so simple (I hope) but I can't see the wood for the trees.

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