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  1. Hi! I'm having troubles with nLited Windows (nLite.v1.0RC6). 1. Languge of my choice is missing (Polish). The same thing is with keyboard layout (Polish programmers) and Language for non-Unicode programs (Polsih). I tried a solution form this post http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=66594&st=40 but it didn't work. Only in Location I'm able to choose Poland. 2. Setting that I made in nLite: Disable system restore, disable shadows and other visual stuff doesn't apply. The same is with an option: "Send an administrative alert" and "Automatically restart after system failure". The 1st point is most troublesome - I can't work :-| Here's my ini file: Last_Session.ini If anyone knows what's wrong - thanks for the anwser -- fahur
  2. Hi! I've just noticed that I have the same problem with Polish language. Everything stays EXCEPT Polish language and Polish Programmers keyboard layout, which I did NOT selected for removal. Weird... Hope nuhi has found a solution few posts above P.S. This is what I discovered. I didn't touch the languages and keyboard leyout setions at all. All I've done was selecting Polish Programmers keyboard layout and Locale to Poland (didn't check the languages group). After installing WinLite I discovered that: 1. Locale is not set to Poland (but there's a possiblity) 2. Standards and formats is not set to Polish (and there's no possibility to do so - missing preset) 3. Keyboard layout is not set to Polish Programmers (and there's no possiblity - missing) Now I'll try not to set those option (leave english as it is default) and see what happens... -- fahur
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