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  1. imagex restoration message

    yes..I do the image capture after sysprep. I am running the command c:\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /quiet /oobe /generalize /shutdown.
  2. imagex restoration message

    Hello All I am doing imagex /apply vista.wim 1 c:\ in the winpe environment. But it will show some message below. The whole restoration will be complete and system look working fine. But I still have no idea why this message show up in the image restoration process. Hope someone could help me to clarify. [iNFO] c:\. [Restore Sec. Descriptor: (seq. 25) -> SACL is going away (acecount==1)] (GLE = 0) [iNFO] c:\$Recycle.Bin. [Restore Sec. Descriptor: (seq. 25) -> SACL is going away (acecount==1)] (GLE = 0) [iNFO] c:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-2010546810-2512525844-2495631775-500. [Restore Sec. Descriptor: (seq. 25) -> SACL is going away (acecount==1)] (GLE = 0)
  3. Windows Server 2008 Boot manager

    I am just wondering why remove a entry will result in the boot manager menu is gone even though the system boot process is not impacted.
  4. I am doing Windows Server Beta 3 unattend installtion and the installation is completely done. But now I have a issue regarding to the BCD setting. I can see two options shown on the Boot Manager menu when system boot up and the two entry are exactly existing in the system by bcdedit /enum command. Now if I remove one entry point by bcdedit command then the Boot Manager will be invisible at the boot time but the system still could boot up and work properly. I check the timeout setting is still in 3 seconds but just can not show the Boot Manager Menu. Could any body know how to make the boot manager show again after remove on entry point?
  5. Thanks for your reminder. I will check my product key again.
  6. Hello Everyone I am doing the LongHorn Beta 3 unattend installation but I always see the the panel show up the Longhorn Server type list (Standard server, enterprise server ,datacenter)and I have select one of them to perform the server installation. This server type list is the only panel I have to deal with then the installation could be complete without any manually action. Could anybody give me a hint where I can do the modification? The unattend.xml or the product key vaule? Thank you very much in advance.
  7. Hello All Do any guys know the memroy size in the General Tab in system property comes from which system registry file. I have a situation that is the memory size is shown not correctly