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  1. Hello ben a wile sence I posted thanks for the info
  2. please read the rules before posting!
  3. thanks i found it i am still surffing around in the windows an seeing the new stuff thay added but thanks for you timely help on this matter.
  4. I mybe Stupid foe asking this ? but wht it the cookie file locked out an you cant even see them or get rid of them anny one out ther got an anser for me, i love the vista software an it looks sweet but still running it throught it pacces but i have found the speed bump here with the cookies file anny one,
  5. thank you for all of your sugestions i well try them
  6. virtul memory low the bloon keep poping up an i have done just about ever thing i know anny sugestions you can offer please do
  7. i just got the 5.10 linux ubunta system does anny one have anny advice or tweek or helpfull hints for me thanks.
  8. what program are you trying to replace the icon mybe i can help i make icons.
  9. think nortion the best out ther i havent had anny problam out of it
  10. well i put this here for ever one to give thanks for the mfsn people who run this i have learned a lot off this bord and well i just like to give thanks for all of the info i have learned an read off this site so thanks .
  11. hi ever on just wonted to say hello to ever one on this fourm an look foward to posting an helping who ever i can an learning what i can form all of you.

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