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  1. Uncertain why you think Linux & Grub are "optional". I have Super-os (Ubuntu improvement) on all my notebooks & Netbooks. Ubuntu opens & closes quicker than Win7. It uses less HHD space, but is unreliable with Ms-NTFS-compressed partitions. All my data is on NTFS-compressed partitions - quicker access for environmentally responsible computer users. Generally I use Win7, but for virus, etc crashes, I rush to Ubuntu. If I'm doing "dangerous" web access (malware of all kinds), instead of having all the Windows anti-malware updated & on-duty, I'll use Ubuntu. Since Linux is so small, I also have two boot-up versions of Ubuntu, for the same reason you have two bootups of Windows. From your post now, I'll try dual boots of Win7-Enterpriseon my one terabyte notebook now. Thank for your post. Pity i discovered it so late. For a few decades. I've been a registered user of the world's best-ever file manager: Servant Salamander. It also operates (under WINE) in Ubuntu. So it of course can easily do what you freeware file browser can do. Making tutorials of the Salamander soon, as I get time.
  2. All categories of software (share, free, commercial, beta, alpha, etc) may have strange national language files in their software distributions. How do we identify these, and then remove them? Some programmers are king enough to have a seperate LNG, o similar file. In trying to identify these ethnic files, I know that ENG means English, but the others: EU?, ESP? etc ... Since I only know ENGLISH, I search for files that might have "DEU" or *.LNG in their names. Are there any other clues to enable easily identification and then possible removal? BTW: MICROSOFT is one of the biggest criminals and vandals in this area. In their Windows folder, look at the NOISE.DEU etc rubbish.
  3. As an enduser, I don't need *.ASM, *.H, *.C .... files. If I use the usual file cleaners, they do not make these programmer rubish for me. I don't know what file extensions are for programming. Can someone elighten me further? Software programmers often leaves these, especially in software labelled as "alpha" and "beta" versions of software releases. Since I will never be a programmer, what file extensions can I safely remove?