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  1. Hello all, I was asked by patchworks to look a the opensourcing-Windows9X subject on te forum here. I think that a lot of conclusions where taken and a lot was discussed like the source-code of Windows 98 and if Windows 98 is the right choice when you have ReactOs that is more "future-proof". In my opinion, I think that Win9x is not really future-proof. So I can understand all the reply's about Windows98 being dead and stuff. Windows2k based systems are more future proof, but do not always run on the old hardware that is laying under a dust-blanket on your attic. Just like the old hardware, software will also expire. Hardware developement will eventualy kill Windows 9x because newer hardware will not support them, or you will have to make your own drivers etc. etc. I have searched a lot during my Windows: Jackhammer project, and I am already experiencing some difficulties in finding some open-source win9x based software. I had to get programs like Fdi_fw or fullcontroll out of the way because they where not Windows 9x comp. So.. my advice for this project to succeed is to make a wiki or equalivent with all current software that is comp. with Win9x. To really keep Windows 9x alife, you will need your Windows 98 CD & cd key, your current software and just safe it on a good place. To keep Windows 9x alife, yo will also have to keep it's hardware alife. Conclusion? Start saving your software and hardware, because when vistas time comes, a lot of software-websites will scrape out that "-->Windows98/<-- Win2k/WinXP/Win2003/Windows Vista" quote. Software websites made from scratch from this day, will not include that Windows 98 quote anymore. Let's make a wiki with your preffered software (like I told in the jackhammer post) and setup a web-mirror for those software packages. From there we can make this open-sourcing project work for what it's worth. Agree?, or am I really thinking on the wrong page here? All reply's are appriciated. Greetings, NL-Stitch
  2. [ Reply to Fredledingue ] I did not have time to investigate the included software of all those service packs. I did some research if some registry tweaks where included, but that is about it. I just did not have the time to think about it for a long time. It was a luxery that i did not have. ( I made it as a school project now by myself, and it had to be completed in 6 weeks. Documentation was a lot of work and I had to apply the schools-judgement system so that it could be approced an rated with grades.) The idea of a second cd with software sounds verry good, look at the reply above about a windows-get method or equalivent, does this sound good to you Fredledingue?
  3. I want to thank members like patchworks, jaclaz and ALL (I forgot to mention some names but could not remember them just now, sorry) those people who support me in my work. Thank you VERRY much. Let me just state that this is NOT ... the end-user-product. Indeed.. it may be ultra-bloated.. It may not have the porgams you preffer...but remember.. this is just a package so that people can have a look at what it's like within 30 minutes. My end-goal is to make a streamlined Win98SE CD with allot of software on it. ( or I will just use a program like Windows-Get to get a lot of software from the internet so I can safe space on my installaton-cd's.) I am hearing a lot of people who want there own preffered software in it. Some like Mplayer, some like vlc etc. etc. So.. I want to help you all. Post your favorite program here, and also specify the "type" of program like a browser. I am doing this, because at the end-user product, I will give you a setup-GUI program that takes you trough some steps to choose your own preffered browser, mediaplayer, anti-virus software and etc. But for me to do just that, I will need your help. Please post your preffered software for Windows 98 (Open-source software offcourse) and I will defenitly include it in my software CD-Rom. People who want to help me set this end-user product up, can give me an e-mail. If you want jackhammer to be what you really want it to be (include your own personal ideas). Then i suggest that you can help me setup a wiki with all those personal ideas in it. Then, we can have a large list of all your ideas and try in implement it. Crititcs, ideas, questions or insults(please, no) to this post are appriciated. Greetings NL-Stitch P.S: If you had a question that i forgot to reply to (sorry), then please re-ask the question by post, pm or email, i'll be glad to awnser your question.
  4. hello all, I will try to awnser all your question at one. So please, sit and chill.. I will explain.. [ Response to Tihiy] 1.) We are currently having a open-beta.. posting more screenshots does not give you a better idea how it all comes together.. you will have to try it 2.) All software used in Jackhamemr is open source. My own made programs are also open-source. If i release the source-code of my own programs, it would not be a problem. 3.) Here is a software list: (some entrys may have been deleted ) 2.0 – Add-ons 2.01 – Resize-O-Magic; A explorer-expansion for the r-mouse context menu, image-editting 2.03 – Jackhammer Filesorter; cleans folders and categorises files. 2.05 – Gaim; An alternative for msn messenger 2.07 – ClamAv – Antivirus Software 2.09 – OpenVNC/ Remote Desktop; Remote Desktop solution. 2.11 – Secure Boot , restores system defaults, protects system files. 2.12 – Driver-packs; popular drivers included. 2.13 – USB for Win98; Solution for current USB problems 2.14 – Updates; All current available updates for win98 2.15 – Windows 98 Revolutions; Expansion pack for Win98 2.16 – Partition saving; software needed to create the Jackhammer Installer 2.18 – Update-All; Software updater for sourceforge related software 2.19 – Gnummeric; Excel Processor 2.20 – AbiWord; Word Processor 2.21 – Jackhammer Image Browser; XP-like image viewer 2.22 – Java Runtime; Current Java-runtime version 2.23 – Inkscape; photoshop solution 2.24 – Real Alternative; Realmedia Alternative Codec 2.25 – Quicktime Alternative; Quiktime Alternative Codec 2.26 – DVD Decrypter – Rips DVD’s to Iso’s 2.28 – Jackhammer GUI for CD/DVD-burning / Ripping. (DVD decrypt, CDRtools) 2.29 – CDRtools Frontend; CD-burner 2.30 – 7-zip; File Archiver 2.31 – Bitcomet; optional package - Torrent Downloader 2.32 – Filezilla; FTP Client 2.35 – Mozilla Firefox/ Fasterfox; Web-browser 2.36 – Mozilla thunderbird; E-mail Client 2.37 – Explore2fs; enables the user to read Ext2/Ext3 type partitions 2.38 – FFDshow; Divx related codec 2.39 – FFvFw; Mp4 media format Codec 2.40 – AC3 Filter; Media Codec 2.41 – Xvid; Xvid media Codec 2.42 – TweakUI; Tweaks advanced user prefences. 2.43 – Poledit; Edits Win98 User policy’s 2.44 – Windows-get; command line linux apt-get solution 2.46 – Xcopy; Command line Copy utility 2.47 – Jackhammer Context menu addons; see 3.06 2.48 – NTFS for windows 98 by Sysinternals; see 5.04 2.49 – Winpcap IP protocol 2.50 – AC 97 audio driver (WDM @ download.com) 2.51 – DirectX ( @ download.com ) 2.52 – Windows 98 SE Unofficial Service pack 2.1 2.54 – Windows Multi-Enhancher (http://www.netcult.ch/elmue/ElmueSoft-en.htm ) 2.55 – Foxit PDF Reader 2.57 – Some tweaks from Windows 7 years later project (http://www.msfn.org/board/?showtopic=53392) 2.58 – Process Explorer v10 (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/security/processexplorer.mspx) 2.61 – Windows ME Defragmenter 2.62 – Windows 98 Upgrade Pack (http://www.bpa23.host.sk/wupg.html#EN) 2.63 – Windows 98 Cumulative Update (http://www.msfn.org/board/?showtopic=50611) 2.64 – Windows 98 Power Pack (http://www.jimmsta.com/) 2.65 – Windows Installer V2 2.66 – Regclean 4.1a 2.67 – ASPI Layer 4.71a2 2.68 – Internet Explorer 6 sp1 2.69 – Windows media player (see 7 years later project) 2.70 – Microsoft Data access Components 2.8 sp1 2.71 – Macromedia Flash for IE 6 en Firefox Those are just the included software packages. There are a lot of registry tweaks applied also. See http://www.winguides.com/registry/ , almost every usable tweak for windows 98 was implemented. So there is your 1.16GBs... SOFTWARE + WIN98SE + CABFILES @ C:\WIN98CD + Windows Jackhammer Custom Software = 1.16GB My goals was to make it as "out of the box" as possible. If you download like Windows XP (SP3-UWI) from a torrent site, yo uwill notice that all programs included do not seem out-of-the-box. The software list in your start->programs list is HUGE. While Jackhammer devided it over logical folders. [ Response to LLXX, awergh ] see above. [Response to patchworks and to ALL] 1.) Sorry for the download speed. Sourceforge is still spreading the files over its servers. If you want better performance, you should try a server that is located the nearest to your location. 2.) No problem, it was a dream for like 5 years now, so i am glad to finnally releasing it.. pfhew.. 3.) " remember well" quote ; wow.. I did not know that users where actually folowing my project. I am a bit late.. I know.. but I discovered that THE goal of a project is, is to finish it! I have spend 3 days installing and glueing parts together of this os. and after that, it wasn't even perfect.. It took time.. and more time. But I know that I had to be patient if I wanted to finish it (which I am defenitly not in real life); but what i learned the best is that perseverance will pay off. Thanks for keeping my dream alife, members of msfn, and the good old OSBeta-archive.Thanks to all. 4.) The released source-code is only from my own programmed software. As you may already see on the software list, the most are open-source, and the source-code of those pograms are out there on the internet. I thought i did not have to go through al their sites and rip their code. -But, before commenting on freeware programs, where there is no source-code available. Please.. look through them.It is not worth the discussion I think.. 5.)The install guide.. is indeed pretty hard. But this is because I only intend that people with computer knowledge & a legal win98 cd key offcourse download this software. - Question for admin, I forgot to ask for a lock & sticky at the beginning of this subject, is it possible to make it sticky and locked at this stage? thank you. Greetings, happy christmas and a happy new year to you all. NL-Stitch P.S: Sorry for my bad english sometimes, my hand are shaking a bit because I fell pretty hard at snow-boarding (the field trip) yesterday..
  5. I a going to bed now, and will not be able to reply because I have a field-trip tomorow. But yes, i will certainly will reply on saturday CET daytime.
  6. The time has come, Maybe you remembered the post a year ago, where I said I wanted to created my own expansion pack to Windows 98? It is finally here! The latest and last Service-Pack you'll need for Windows 98 has arived! Windows: Project Jackhammer was made by me, and is designed for Windows 98 computers. It is a Service/Upgrade pack for Windows 98. It has a new look& feel thanks to the Windows 98 Revolutions Pack, it has new drivers like Nvidia and ATI graphics cards and ...full USB support, it has new software like a new security center and Office Suite. It is almost a whole new OS made out of an old Windows engine. So.. I want to welcome all you developers to the playground. Please download the Open-developement BETA at sourceforge.net, check it out, build you programs and submit them at the project admins @ sourceforge.net!! After the open-developers beta, we will include all your submissions and release the final end-user version. This version can then be download, and used as replacement of your current Windows 98! So.. whipe of that dust off the computer that is laying on your attic, and download it today! Please read the DISCLAIMER & F.A.Q found on Sourceforge.net, before asking the frequently asked questions. For more information about the End-User product: Click here For more information for developers check out sourceforge:Click Here
  7. yes, and.. no result The thing was copying all night, ( maybe because i did not laod smartdrv?) now it just says it misses ntdlr , which really is on the hard-drive. suggestions?
  8. I'm having a lot of trouble deploying taplet-pc 2005 on an old tablet pc. Because i have no cd-rom drive on the tablet-pc , i copied the setup folders to a second partition on the pc's hard-drive. I then folowed this guide, Just in case of mass-traffic, I post the guide here, I did everything as above, i downloaded smartdrv from internet and included it on my bootfloppy which i got from bootdisk.com I launced winnt.exe , it said that files where copied to hard-drive. When the copy of files step ended, it said it had to reboot and i should remove all floppy's, and setup would automaticly continue, i rebooted... and got a message saying: no operating system found. WTH?! The setup did NOT made any MBR.. Why not ? I also tried installing the tablet-pc software while using the hard-drive of the tablet-pc on a desktop, i installed windows xp, and then just put the hard-disk back into the tablet-pc , and what did i get , a black screen, 30 minutes long, which after that, i gave up. I think it had to do with acpi/hal systems ( that is what the ms website said) What should i do ? should i copy another windows xp (without tablet pc) installation cd to the tablet pc's hard-drive? and deploy tablet-pc later ? EDIT: I am currently using this solution; I have mad the first partition active with fdisk. Did not load smartdrv, machine was copying files whole night, still copying, It's results will be posted here Non the less.. suggestions? stitch

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