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  1. Hi all, Forgive me to ask a question on top of this old topic... As in the 1st post, i also has this OEM folder & inside it there are some files (i believe they are required) & also those original Driver Packs.... My question will be will there be any differences if i just delete all those Driver Packs Files? (because they eat up 160MB++ if we use all of them) Any advice is very much appreciated! HY
  2. Hi, this might sound more like a question: how about turn off screen saver & not let the system turn off monitor/HDD & not allow system to go hibernate? rgrds HY
  3. Hi IMHO, i would say no unless: 1) you slimdown the size of both your WinXP files & Office files or 2) you put all those into a DVD Happy Creating your UAXP CD! rgrds HY
  4. Dear all. I'm HY from Malaysia, 1st time registered in internet forum... I've been follow this MSFN forum for quite some time & i really learn a lot especially in those unattended installation stuff! Great job to all that has been contributing ideas/knowledge to the forum & keep up the good job! warmest regards HY
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