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  1. Great job on this. I have been wanting to get a totally black windows setup for a while now. Will def keep my eye on this. One problem I seem to be having is with a few of the re-colored windows/panels, like the shutdown menu (w/ the Standby, Shut Down, and Restart buttons) and Add Hardware. It seems like the XPize auto-reloader is reloading over the Darkside-modded files. Should I be shutting off the XPize auto-reloader, or should they be playing nicely with each other (as I have heard)? Or should I just wait till the "standalone" version is released? If it helps any, I am running Windows XP Media Center. I will grab a pic of the problem tomorrow, as right now its past midnight and I have to work in the morn. Thanks ahead of time for the help.
  2. Thanks ricktendo64! It worked perfectly. I don't remember running that mod, but it might have happened when i tried a XP-to-Vista Theme pack. Anyway thanks again!
  3. Has no one ever run into this problem? Sorry but I find it hard to believe that no one may know how to help me out.|21|11/ 1/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 0|
  4. I have had this problem for a while now, but after trying to figure it out on my own and failing, I thought I would come by here. After I installed the new Luna Royale themes (got the links from here) on my XP:MCE PC, I noticed my start menu was acting funny. The text for "Log out" and "Turn off computer" seemed to be missing (see attached picture). I removed the theme and still had the problem. I then uninstalled XPize and the problem was still there. I have XPize and the same theme on my laptop (windows XP Pro) and have not had this problem. Anyone experienced this or know of a way to fix the problem. Its just a nuisance not to have it working right.
  5. I know its an odd question to ask, but I am going to ask it since I really like this theme. Is there any way of getting a Lima/Green version of Luna Royale? If so, I would be an EXTERMLY happy XPize user. I like the standard Olive Green XP theme and usually stick with it because none of the other xp themes usually have a nice green version. So, Is there any way you would be able to pull that off?
  6. LOL sorry didnt explain that. He (I assume) is insinuating that XPero is neglecting us and is refusing to aknowledge there is a problem with XPize, which there is not. XPize 4.2 has gone through 2 betas and many debug runs, so i assume that many bugs have been removed. But since I am here I may as well ask this: Do you have a 64-bit processor? Like I sai, I had problemws with XPize andI think it may have something to do with using the x86 version on .Net 2.0 on a 64-bit machine. If I am wrong, oh well and sorry.
  7. I had a problem with my first install of XPize on my MCE machine. I was having issues with icon transparency on the desktop. I had to do a clean install of XP to fix the problem. One thing I noticed was that with my clean install, I do not have .Net 2.0 installed. I was going to install it until I noticed that wxp wanted me to download the x86 version of 2.0. I have a 64 bit AMD processor in my be my new PC, and waswondering if that may have interfiered with XPize. I do not program on the .Net platform, so I do know if this would affect anything. All I know is that when I installed it on my XP Pro laptop, I had no such problems with XPize. Just asking the community.
  8. Wow. You are rude as hell. All i could say to try is double check the intergrety of your windows install, and your current version of .Net. I was having problems and it turned out another program scrwed windows up, and I had to do a clean install of XP.
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