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  1. My new Blog/Forum

    I've signed up.
  2. Windows 3.11

    I have seen a website that claimed there's way of booting Windows from a 1.44MB floppy I think it uses a RAMDRIVE but I can't remember the site, I've Googled for it and I can't find it.
  3. Child Expliotation...

    I don't knowm, the question is, is the child being abused in any way? Even if she isn't, it still isn't right associating her with pornographic material, there again I'm sure childern have been in films that contain sex scenes before so this is a difficult one.
  4. do you dig Microsoft?

    Actually I dissagree, I think it's fair enough voicing an opinion and providing a reason behind it but it's another thing not respecting other people's opinions and forcing your idea on everyone. I hate Microsoft, I hate oil companies, I hate supermarkets, I hate it that we don't have a choice but to use Windows (if we want all our hardware to work properly). I don't have a problem with people liking Windows, I just wish the averge Joe knew about operating systems and realised that they might prefer using an alternative to Windows without having the issue of hardware support to cloud their judgement.
  5. activex control problems

    Have you scanned your system for viruses and spyware? Have you downloaded all the Windows and Internet Explorer updates from Microsoft? Also please be aware that there are other web browsers around apart from Internet Explorer, like Opera, Firefox, or even Avant, some have plugins for ActiveX controls exen support them natively.
  6. do you dig Microsoft?

    I hate Microsoft purely because I don't think its healthy for the computer industry to have one company dominating it, but I also dislike Linux zealots who try to enforce a revolution on everyone. I don't see why people always think pro-Windows = anti-Linux and pro-Windows = anti-Linux. I'm pro-Linux, pro-Mac and pro-BSD. I don't have a problem with Windows itself, it runs quite well if you can tame it right (NT is quite a technically advanced OS) I suppose I do hate the Win 9x series though. Anyway I hope I'm not trolling, I just found this forum from Google, and didn't know if I'd be welcome due to my dislike of Microsoft, so ban me if you wish.