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  1. Hi all..

    I created a lite version of the Windows 7 build 6956 and tought that it would work like a charm just as the windows 7 Lite build 6801 ..but i was wrong.

    I tried several ways spilled about 5 dvd's and waisted at least 12 hours on thsis (Silly) project i,m on but still i want to know what i,m doing wrong and if its impossible

    now to get parts out of this build.

    Maybe some of you guys could tell me what went wrong.

    Everything goes good..it boots installs well after selecting the drive etc it starts to copy ..then jumps to the next process and then at 100% i get this error

    "windows could not apply unattend settings during pass (offlineservicing)"

    Help is needed here from experts..]

    Hope to hear from you smart guys here..i will post my preset files aswel.

    Thanks in advance..

    Best regards Puck

    i think you have problem becuse you think you are a super hacker and you are a little bit gay .... when the only thing you do is using a program that you dont know how to use that another one have made ...

  2. hi

    i have windows vista ultimate x64 us vers and i have tried with vlite all updates and german language pack make in one dvd ,but when im boot from the dvd and he will install vista by expanding files 100% become i following error "Windows could not set the offline locale information. Error Code: 0x80000001"

    any solutions

    thx for help rolleyes.gif

    that happends to me too when i integrate Spanish languge in x86 version of Windows Vista ...

  3. I haven't got around to testing this further yet, but the error message shown above is the same as me.

    Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit version ? I have 64-bit.

    im using 32-bit version ...

  4. @Nuhi

    i also have problem with the system restore (and im think im not the only one) , i mean it dont work and i leave it there i did not touch that option , i have made about 20 vlite vistas and tried all kinds of variants but the system restore never works i really dont know what im taking off that dont make it work

    (dont know if you have understand me nuhi)

    i leave this photo of the error


    PD: i also take off volume shadow copy , culd it be that ?

    anyway thanks for the Vlite , you are the best Nuhi ....

  5. This depends on so much things. Are you sure (did you check you last preset), are the proper video drivers installed, did it work when vLite was not used, does your videocard support it, are you using any "mirror" drivers (ATITool, UltraVNC)?

    i did check de preset and leave the aero glass on , i did a lite copy with beta 09 and it work very good , with vista full i can also use aero glass

    but with beta 95 i can not use aero glass

  6. i get this error when y try to install the FULL package of .NET 3.0 i download it at microsoft its the full install

    That's the applet used in Longhorn Server to add/remove windows features... is it present in Vista? :unsure: that's strange

    strange or not , that's the error i get :blink:


  7. in the ini file you have postet aren't any settings written???
    i skip help files cause i never use them lmao..

    Hey check the preset file open it and apply and see what i removed ..till now the pc with my lite version of Vista runs marvelouse..i,m on it 24-7

    One shall see how long that will stay that way !

    Good luck all newbees and testers !!!

    Lol in some way i think i will just type my replies in notepad first then paste it cause its been 2 times now that my whole story get wiped while typing it here in the forum..am i beeing hacked lol?

    why do people keep saying it's empty ?


    ok then i'm so sorry it was just that... in his first post he look so inteligent .....

  8. Bad boy.

    It says this in the description

    And since I wasn't able to bypass this fiasco that component is a goner in the next version.

    hey by he way .. when are you going to release the next version .. tomorrow ?

  9. i really don't know why you are posting photos of yourself all the time , do you have som kind of "ego complex"

    or do you wanna scare us with your nice looking face ?

    in another topic y read your post that you say that VISTA consume less memory than XP

    and when i looked the photos and i see that the VISTA only use 24 processes i'm sure it was just installed

    and the XP photo it show 49 process sure 4 days without reboot . and you claim that VISTA USE LESS MEMORY ....

    and today i read this .......

    I cannot add any Windows component, because whenever I choose "Turn Windows features on and off" form the Control Panel / Programs and Features I get following error message:

    Windows cannot find C:\Windows\\system32\\OptionalFeatures.exe

    I would say that your dvd has corrupt files on it..and the error warning looks like an memory faillure..
    LMAO you can not select all lol i dont see the need of that function anyhow..

    .. are you joking with people in this forum ?

    why do you advice people when you don't know a mierda ... don't go arround playing "computer techie" becuse you aren't ...

  10. i get this update errors after i install with beta 09 nuhi please help me

    Actualizacion Vista KB928089

    This update resolves a performance issue with the Internet Explorer Phishing Filter when visiting web pages that contain multiple frames or when multiple frame navigations occur quickly.

    Error 80070003

    Actualizacion Vista KB931573

    Install this update to resolve an issue where you may be prompted to activate a pre-installed copy of Windows Vista.

    Error 80070003

    Actualizacion Vista KB932246

    The March 2007 Windows Vista Application Compatibility Update is a package of software updates that address common application compatibility issues in Windows Vista. When you try to install and run certain legacy games or applications in Windows Vista, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

    The game, the application, or the firmware may not be installed correctly.

    The game, the application, or the firmware may cause system instability.

    The primary functions of the game, the application, or the firmware may not work correctly.

    This update is cumulative and supersedes update 929427.

    Error 80070002

    Actualizacion Vista KB929735

    Install this update to resolve an issue that prevents Windows Search from returning a complete set of results when a search is performed using the date option and a non-Gregorian calendar is in use. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

    Error 80070002

    Actualizacion para SDK Windows Media Format 11 KB929399

    Error 80070002

    Net FrameWork 3.0 Para Windows Vista KB929069

    Error 80073715

  11. 3aces, don't worry I'll check it, and if you haven't modified it with anything else, and it's RTM then I'll fix it.

    Mcfly000, ok. Lets reset. Obviously you are not stupid, it's just you didn't know how to post a bug report. So, the point is to post what the error was, no need for anything else until asked for more details around it. Thanks.

    ok nuhi no need to bug report , i did de-install version b06 and i did a clean b07 and

    i think that here was the problem I ALSO DE-INSTALL my SYMANTEC ANTIVIRUS v10.xxx

    and this time it didn't give me any error

    i didn't use the makeboot part after it re-build , becuse you said that someDVD-ROM still have problems to burn

    so i did made the iso with oscdimg.exe like always

    this photo is TAKEN BY DOC HIMSELF :D


    thanks nuhi you are the best , and i hope you made that TOOL for making WINPE 2.0 costumized just with a few program like a webbrowser becuse not everybody have a DVD-ROM , only CD-ROM, but they still want vista installed from hardisk

  12. another thing i have just make an ISO of WINPE 2.0 that come with Windows Vista and its bootable WORKS PERFECT you can use all the commands to format and so but it's very poor ..but its better than WINPE 1.6 becuse it let you install vista from hardisk , and i think you should do a TOOL to make a good WINPE BOOT ISO so people can BOOT and install from hardisk

    (i know that you can do that with vista install DVD , but there are people that dont have DVD-ROM and want to install vista from hardisk ) and with WINPE you only need a 200 mb / 700mb CD

    thanks for all you do

  13. mcfly


    Supported Vista version is minimum Build 5744 (RC2) and newer, RTM build 6000 recommended and it will be only one supported from the next version, you can run it on older on your own risk


    and i have betatested VISTA since version 4736 when it was almost the same as XP


  14. ohh and i forgett To tell that i have a brand new P4 3.6 watercooled with 2.046 mb memory

    and i think it get's f***ed up , becuse i install version b.07 over version b.06

    becuse i have just make a compliation of Vista 6. final version SPANISH iso with b06 .. and it work good

    ( i do have the same problems as usual iT dont make it bootable but i fix that with oscdimg.exe and a Command script)

    now im going to make a new complitation with b 07 and vista 6


  15. @Mcfly000

    Without knowing the exact error, there is no link to start and help you. If you do not know how to create and post a screenshort, tehn with all due respect I do not know what you are doing here in this beta-section (some computer skills can be expected). Only Idea I have is that you might overclocked your pc and that 0.6 worked by coïncidence or it was less stressful on hadware and performance of the whole operation has been improved. Then you can get strange errors, but without the exact error, there is really nothing to say about it.

    and what are you doing here ????

    ok nuhi thank's for your help , i try to make a photo the next time and some more facts about the error

  16. ok so if the people are going to laugh every time i make a post becuse i speak bad english and its really hard to me write in english when im ASKING FOR HELP , i do better dont post any more , and i dont have anoy photo of the error , becuse it took me by SUPRISE and IM NOT A REVEERSE INGENEER COMPUTER EXPERT THAT KNOW ALL THE ERRORS A PROGRAM CAN DO and im not going to MAKE IT AGAIN TO GET THE SAME ERROR to make a photo BECUSE IT TAKE ABOUT 1 HOUR TO REBULD the iso

    .... thanks and good bye

  17. Mcfly000, that's so informative, if you want it fixed you'll have to do little better.

    ok , it was just before 23:00 when i started to make a longhorn 5757 vlite compilation

    i take out almos everything less the sound drivers , the modem drivers and the graphic display drivers

    and pressed apply and choosed --> reconvert every thing , and i get the tipical mesaage registry error report , and then it start , and 5 minutes after i get the same error registry error please report , and i pushed ok , and then windows open a tipical windows error window that say THIS APLICATION HAVE MADE ERROR AND WINDOWS MUST CLOSE THE APLICATION , ,, thats my error .. so i go back to beta 06 and did the same thing and it don't give me any error ,,,

    and i forgett to tell , i made a compilation with beta 06 and a spanish ISO of RC1 amd it work perfect , it did'nt make it bootable but i fixit with oscdimg.exe

    and use this commands


    @echo off

    TITLE Creating ISO Image of Miscrosoft Windows Vista


    ECHO You image is now being created. Make sure oscdimg.exe is present.


    ECHO Creating your ISO...

    oscdimg -bd:\long\boot\etfsboot.com -h -j1 -j2 -m -o -x-lVISTA_ES_DVD D:\long\ C:\VISTA_ES_DVD.iso




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