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  1. This is sorta late, but I just wanted to thank Rahbas for dropping the 411 on how to include the KaZaA Lite codec pack in the silent install. THANKS MAN!
  2. Perfect. I checked it out and my "update.exe" in "common", and it's attributes matched up perfectly with your "update.exe" in "sp2". I should have thought of doing that a long time ago. Thanks.
  3. Man, that's wierd - under my "update" folder (the one with the wierd name): In the "sp2/update" folder I have: KB826939.cat update.inf update.ver In the "common" folder I have: spuninst.exe update.exe spcustom.dll spmsg.dll Eula.txt I wonder how that happened. Is it ok to use update.exe from the common directory?
  4. http://www.MSFN.org/articles.php?action=show&id=38 Thanks, but that doesn't help much, as I have already used that guide to slipstream the hotfix rollup. After opening "WindowsXP-KB826939-x86-ENU.exe", within the strangely-named folder that it extracts to, "sp2\update" contains only the following three files: KB826939.cat update.inf update.ver Are you talking about "update.exe" within the "common" directory? If not, could someone explicitly answer my question?
  5. [ CAN'T FIND UPDATE.EXE IN "XPCD\i386\Update" ] I was following the "Creating an Unattended Windows XP CD" guide and got to the section "Installing the Hotfixes" when I noticed that in the sample code for "XPCD\i386\svcpack.inf" (under [setupHotfixesToRun]), a file named "update.exe" is called from "XPCD\i386\Update\". The only things I have in that directory are the hotfixes I downloaded to be installed - none of which are named update.exe (all file names begin with Q and are followed by a 6-digit number [QXXXXXX.exe]) I do however, have a file named "update.inf", and another named "update.ver". What is "update.exe" and where can I get it? Did I miss something? --------------- [ LISTING UPDATES IN "SVCPACK.INF" IN NUMERICAL ORDER ] In the same section mentioned above (Installing the Hotfixes) in the 7th paragraph: it stresses that the updates must be listed in numerical order, yet no one else's code for "svcpack.inf" that I saw in the forum, listed them in numerical order. IS IT NECESSARY?
  6. Thanks for the advice HexiumVII. It was able to play things I couldn't play before. Is there any way to add the K-Lite Codec Pack (v2.10) to the unattended install?
  7. I second that! All in favor.....
  8. VERY interested here in America!
  9. PRELUDE OF APPRECIATION [What's up, brethren? Being a newbie, i want to first extend my obligatory gratitude for not only the guide on "Creating an Unattended Windows XP CD" but for the MSFN in general (as I am just beginning to appreciate the overall depth of the site).] ACTUAL QUESTION: Will slipstreaming the Update Rollup 1 (KB826939) into Windows XP SP1 alleviate the need to install any of the hotfixes mentioned in the main list? If so (which I assume), which ones?