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  1. I will try that just because I hate quickbooks and myob so much...if only I was compentent enough to tweak code though
  2. All I can say is: jesus what a pain in the butt if it wasn't for community efforts like these I'd go nuts ...and a kernel update to boot If they followed the "old" ways, 2k would be what, SP9 or so, XP SP4 maybe? It'd be nice to at least get official slipstream isos that way, oh well Sort of like homeland security, its going to be "orange+" every month forever
  3. D*** I wish I had seen this thread before I tried to reuse my windows 2k disk system, now I have to reinstall 2k, then find somewhere to stuff hundreds of GBs of crap to start over with XP The weird thing is, even though my OS partition was only ~50gb and I wiped that, apparently just because my 64k stripe data partition is on the same array, the MBR data is still a problem What id*** decided to cap at 4k clusters with SP2...they suck for large files
  4. Ah a double typo then, thanks I once used the wrong acronym (very wrong) on a dozen powerpoint pages I had already printed to color transparencies And yeah, it will be a cold day in hell before I let some automatic utility download who knows what new screwup from MS without my checking the KB article and feedback for it first.
  5. I fixed this once before and it worked perfectly, but now I forgot what exactly I did and this is confusing me FDV, your readme says "MSHTML.INF has been rewritten to install MS HTML and Help system" but in your fileset there is no MSHTML.INF, nor can I find one in my SOURCE or SOURCESS folder. Where can I get this? You mention it again on the next line "AU.INF has been rewritten to install auto update, but you have to install MSHTML.INF" so unless theres two typos in a row, I think it exists...also I'm betting it will get rid of the goddamn extra dialog box at shutdown that started appearing
  6. Finally a site I can point some (brighter) people at and they won't give up after the first minute...sorry FDV not many people are willing to follow through things that aren't "pretty" or "neat" but thats not unique to your stuff at all. Handholding is where its at! haha I've been forcing myself to learn more of the nitty-gritty linux things setting up and customizing various firewalls/routers/etc. You can wring a lot of uses out of a $50 appliance 1 2 or quite the modest PC. The snort logs filtered just to my cable's subnet is so sad...its zombieland incarnate. Either that or my neighborhood
  7. Aluminum

    New Random Poll

    Clams == taste like ocean toiletbrushes == no eat I like crab, so Maryland crab soup would hit the spot, or lobster bisque. Redheads but only hotties, not grown ginger kids (see: southpark) otherwise no preference. Win2k mostly with some 2k3, XP when it comes with hardware I didn't approve (again). Some linux, mostly for specific things (smoothwall is a nice package, I use dd-wrt for wifi nerd fun at home, a couple old non-crippled linksys WRTs = kismet passive sniffer fun at this condo full of APs) but I would like to use it more at work if I could. Vista when hell freezes over.
  8. Support running out won't be too bad...also they will still be doing XP a bit longer and many of its updates will work on 2k to some degree. (might take some extra manual effort though) And yeah don't underestimate everyone still using 2000...its still pretty big is business and they're waiting for whatevers after vista heh. Thats if everything doesn't end up MS Server Enterprise [Year] on some big iron running a couple dozen/hundred VPCs with 2k too.
  9. They wouldn't have bothered making WGA unless their original intention was to fully use it at some point in the future. The only real debate is when exactly that is, and what OSes. If it wasn't for public sentiment, their own crappy coding and legal risk, it would've been day 1.
  10. If/When this WGA-death thing goes live, they will be open to all sorts of fun litigation. EULAs only go so far even in our techno-dumbass legal system, and you KNOW its going to screw over tons of legitimate owners, not to mention gov't agencies and the like. Anyways, all these victims are barely getting by nowadays with the massivelly distributed infestation and hijack system known as the internet...that pent up angst will flood out.
  11. Its too bad all the lazy bastards that use IE in their crap program and sell it retail can't get sued under the old antitrust suit for collusion with a monopoly or something. The bookkeeping/billing software world sucks, as I found out first hand a few years back. Theres 3 choices for running a business: 1) Quickbooks Quickbooks Quickbooks Quickbooks Quickbooks Quickbooks Quickbooks (different versions and increasing price levels if you want features beyond a fly-by-night business) 2) Myob (runs on macs too, but drives me insane with its warped logic) 3) You are a F500 company and outsource to
  12. Have you tried forcing the affinity to a single processor? I don't have 2k3 running on any SMP boxes but I would guess its pretty much the same way you do it in 2k/XP. (task manager after running program) You might even be able to use some of the same utilities that run on 2k/XP to do it for you on launch. Back when my electric/AC bill was rolled into rent I ran some of those distributed clients and the crappier ones (like seti) made you run one per cpu.
  13. If you incorporate yourself (~$100 in a lot of states, pays for itself in 1 year if you have half a brain when doing taxes, or remember to tell your accountant) and buy n sell your own hardware (who here doesn't?) about $200-300 a year gives you a very nice MS subscription package. Enough 100% legit business licenses for 10-20 client computers and 1-4 decent server computers depending on how you use them, and quarterly updates of anything new...like say all the flavors of Vista You can get lots of other things like the OEM preinstall kit etc etc, 'beta' access isn't needed. They cannot be res
  14. I'm pretty sure FDV more or less subscribes to the same ideas I do when it comes to pure function with windows: 2000 = XP with lots of stuff already removed for us (or not included to begin with) XP = 2000 + even more stuff we want to remove (and has nothing extra we really need) Although an IE free XP with SP2's firewall might be interesting if its possible, personally I'm much happier having 100% closed ports with no browser open and a hardware firewall. I've noticed the more recent some component is from MS the more retarded pointless integration with IE it has. "Lets render all our help fi
  15. Are you sure its automatic updates that is rebooting them? "Random" or "Unexpected" reboots always makes me think malware of some sort. Either that or maybe "Allow Automatic Updates Immediate Installation" bypasses your schedule for 'critical' hotfixes. Although even if thats the case you'd probably only notice on patch tuesdays instead of 'random'.
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