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  1. Problem with XP / IE and Zip Files

    Open Windows Explorer, click Tools / Folder Options. Click the File Types tab, scroll down to ZIP, then find a checkbox somewhere in there (you may have to click Advanced or something like that to find it, depending on your version of Windows) called Confirm Open After Download. Make sure it's checked and click Ok, and that should fix the problem.
  2. dual boot w/ 98 & xp....stoppin it

    You might try editing the boot.ini file. Open System Properties (Winkey + Break) / Advanced Tab / Startup and Recovery Settings button... there's an Edit button there. Probably a good idea to back up the boot.ini file first, though
  3. get your c.y.b.o.r.g. name

    S.K.U.L.L.: Synthetic Killing and Ultimate Learning Lifeform Knew this nick would be somehow make me proud after 8 years. :mince
  4. minesweeper

    What most people probably don't know about Minesweeper is that once you flag the correct number of mines beside a number, you can click both mouse buttons (left and right at the same time) on any other numbers nearby that also have the correct number of mines beside them, which sometimes clears a lot of the unknown squares away. Starting the game is the hardest part, since you just have to click around and hope that enough squares are cleared for you to start flagging. Example: 7 of the squares surrounding a number 1 are cleared, the remaining square is a mine. Right-click it to flag it, then click both mouse buttons simultaneously on any other 1s beside that mine. Eventually you notice patterns that allow you to flag a fair number of mines at once. If you do a two-click on a number that doesn't have enough flagged mines next to it, nothing happens and you don't have to worry about losing accidentally. Hope that helps Figures my first post on these boards would be about Minesweeper, but ya gotta start somewhere.:spaced