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  1. @TiMiN8R: Thanks, I did use that pack! I'll give it a try again soon. I downloaded the pack this monday I think, wasn't it fixed by then? Since the septmber pack has been around a while I guess ... Edit: I read the posts at RyanVm's, It should fix my error. What a coincidence
  2. Hi there, I found the following error when Windows was copying al the install files to the harddrive (first phase of setup, all blue, no GUI): ** Setup is unable to copy audioadd.inf ** Setup was running in VMware on a standard machine. I've integrated a few drivers, but I didn't have any problems in previous releases. The iso is skimmed a little though nothing removed appeared to be vital. I use it for other people as well, so usability is my main criterion. The only addons I used are the dutch versions of RyanVM's updatepack + a .NET pack from the same source. I've attachted my last_session.ini I hope this helps, Regards LAATSTE_SESSIE.INI
  3. Same thing happened with me: Message: 'programs' is undefined Url: file://C:\INSTEMP\WPI\WPI.hta File: optionswizard.js Function: StopAudio() Line: 85 I don't use the audioplayer by the way. Hope this helps
  4. I'm having the same sort of problem with 'execute after'. The error: Message: 'undefined' is null or not an object Url: file://D:\WPI\WPI.hta File: generate.js Function: FindCDRom() Line: 140 My execute after line(s): %cdrom%\wpi\wpiend.cmd Also tried: %wpipath%\wpiend.cmd The small script is located in the wpi dir Any suggestions? BTW: the same problem occurs when using 'execute before' Roemer
  5. Perhaps an option to integrate into an windows installation folder and building the iso using makeiso or something like it? A very big improvement by the way! WPI has changed my way of viewing a harddisk format ! Many thanks to the projectmakers
  6. Hi, I would love to see some way to integrate WPI in a CD/DVD automatically. Something like this: Adding an compile/build/integrate button (in the above mentioned admin section?), which would than ask for a directory which contains the root of your windows cd. So it copies all the neccesary WPI files and edits the winnt.sif file. After that there might be an option to build the CD/DVD, like in nLite so you can edit the attributes (for those of us that want to). Does this look like a good idea? Would anybody else like to see this?

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