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  1. Very nice, worked like a champ and much easier then regedit.
  2. I changed my mouse cursors to animated ones I used in XP. In the preview they are animated, however once I apply they are not animated. Is it the cursors? Or is it windows? Or am I missing a setting somewhere to turn the animations on? http://lordfett.com/files/TIE_wait.ani http://lordfett.com/files/Imperial_Pilot_Busy.ani I hope posting these doesn't violate any rules or anything, if it does I'll remove the files and the links.
  3. Thank dnrc, I'll give that a try.
  4. I have used this thread and the article linked in it to remap my caps lock key to tab. Was trying it tonight with Windows 7 but am getting an error. I am running regedit as admin. My first question is, does W7 allow for an easier way to remap the keyboard then registry editing? Does this method of keyboard remapping work in W7?
  5. Very nice. Couple questions, is it possible to move this to the left next to the Window's Icon? And is it possible to have it show just the icon and no name? [edit]Ok got rid of the text. Now to figure out how to get it to the left side. Also I found there is a button to the right of the clock without an icon that shows desktop.[/edit]
  6. As much as I love Firefox I am falling for Chrome hard. I just hope they come out with something like adblock.
  7. Well since I started running Firefox without that java plugin both FX3 and Chrome are running fine. thanks for the help Tarun and that link Staffnrod.
  8. SUPERAntiSpyware might have found some tracking cookies, malwarebytes found nothing. That is what I thought. Restarted it with all add-ons disabled and it started. I ran an update and everything was up to day except for noscript. List of add-ons: Adblock Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostic Domain Details Forecastfox Foxmarks Gmail Manager Gmail Space IE Tab Java Quick Starter (not sure about this one, I don't remember installing it for him nor does he remember it) Noscript Speed Dial Any idea about Chrome? I'm going to try and reinstall it shortly. I reenabled all of the addons in FX3 save the Java quick starter and it came right up.
  9. Ok ran everything in your tool kit Tarun. Here is my new Hijack this log: And rootkit revealer: Same problems, Firefox won't open at all now though and Chrome is being super crashtastic.
  10. Thanks Tarun, I had already download your stuff but hadn't installed it yet. That was going to be my next step and then reinstalling the OS.
  11. These are the two that I'm most worried about: As this is when things really stopped working. I've run Panda's antirootkit, rootkit buster, rootkit detective, removeany. I'm running gmer now.
  12. Ran rootkitrevealer, found quite a few things. Looking for a reliable rootkit remover now.
  13. I am working on a friend's laptop. He said his firefox started taking up huge ammounts of memory after running for a while so he started using Chrome. Now firefox crashes upon opening, it never gets as far as an actual browser opening, it just goes right to the crash report. chrome on the otherhand will open and try to load the last page visited or the start page then within 30 seconds it crashes. Opera is running fine, IE runs ok but after 30 minutes or so it slows way down. I've scanned the system with NOD32, Avast!, Clamav, Adaware, PCTools Spyware Doctor, Spybot S&D and Malwarebytes anti-malware. Only thing that has been picked up by anything has been tracking cookies. System is a Lenovo/IBM x40 laptop running XP SP3. Hijackthis:
  14. Used the seagate program, looks like it worked. Was really simple, I think you over explained it a little Charlotte. D/L program install made cd reboot from cd copy disk. Up the irons.
  15. I understood how to do what you posted, I just was already in the process of doing what I tried and realize now my mistake, the 100gb had previously been used in this instance of windows. Giving your method a whirl.
  16. Installed windows on the new drive then did a windows restore then used the winxp disk to repair. once it booted up I ran into a slight problem... The computer sees the drive with it's old letter... I:\
  17. Thanks for all the info everyone, I tried a couple of the programs on your list Iceman, no dice. But with one WinXP setup reconized the installation and attempted to repair it, to no avail. I am running a defrag on the disk now then I will try the seagate discwizard since both discs are maxtors. Thanks Charolotte, hopfully it will get me from here to eternity.
  18. I have a computer I basically use as network storage, but the system drive is only 20gb and since I have a spare 100gb I'd like to use that one without having to reinstall everything. I did a back up of the system drive and restored it onto the new system drive. The first time I got an error for a bad file, forget the name of it, but it wouldn't boot. So I did a new back up and restore this time as soon as it passes bios i just get a cursor. Neither time would my winxp reconize that there was an istallation of windows on the new system hdd. Is there a way I can check the backup before I do a restore? Would it be better if i removed the old system disk and did a backup with it as a non-system disk on another computer? I've looked at norton ghost, but I've never been a fan of their and shelling out 70 bones for this isn't something I want to do right now. I'm not looking for something 100%, if there is a good program that will help me with this I'll gladly purchase it... but not for $70.
  19. All interupts changed from 11 to autoselect. Reenabled wireless and got this screen. http://lordfett.com/rpf/100_3526.jpg http://lordfett.com/rpf/100_3527.jpg Changed interupts back to auto and disabled wireless and it booted fine. Also notice the error for the wireless changed, this normally appears but flashes for a second before going to the first screen I posted, so I've never been able to take a picture of it.
  20. Odd that there would suddenly be an issue on a laptop that has been in use for 2+ years. Going to change them all to auto assign.
  21. Not 100% sure this is the best place for this problem, but it is a start. Laptop was fine, powered down, put in my satchel, went to school, came home, turned on and I get an error when booting. If in BIOS I disable my internal wireless it boots fine. I've tried disabling my wired connection (never use it with the laptop) but unless I disable the wireless I have the error. the laptop is an IBM/Lenovo x40. I have removed the battery, the hard drive. Anyone know if the wireless care is removeable or soldered to the mobo like my fraking cpu is?
  22. I have an ASUS A8N-SLI Premium 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard and it has two NICs, a Yukon and nVidia for Dual 10/100/1000Mbps. If both are hooked up would it increase my connection? Such as allowing one for tx and one for rx? Or would it be used to connect one to the network and one to the internet?
  23. Hard drive next to my 4th gen iPod. Next to a 3.5" drive. Bottom of the drive out of caddy All of the pictures I took http://lordfett.com/hdd
  24. Actually the 2nd is the 20gb version of what the laptop uses. And I don't consider mini/nano/shuffle real iPods, I knew what you meant. I've had the drive to my laptop out (lost the screw that holds the caddy in too) and had an iPod (3rd gen) apart and I still think the size is different by far too much. I will do a size comparison tonight (I know I said that before) of my IBM Hitatchi drive, a standard 2.5" a 3.5" my iPod and a metal ruler if I can find it. (And given my track record for remembering this kind of stuff I will be dead wrong on everything I have said, but if my photos prove i am wrong I'll eat my hat). http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/04/28/sma...iful/page3.html Article about the 1.8" drive with some good photos. Last photo on the page is the bottom of the X40's hard drive.
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