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  1. I keep all my documents and personal files on a hard drive seperate from my windows and programs. This way if I have to do a restore or reformat all of my files are in a different location. In XP "My documents" was easily changed with a right click and then on the location tab you remapped it. You can do this with the libraries in Win7 but most programs still default save/open to c:\users\user_profle\My Documents or c:\users\user_profle\Downloads. Right clicking these folders do not give the location tab or any other way to remap them. I found a work-around but wonder if there is an easier way, or possibly a registry setting. You can get the location tab on properties through an Open or Save as browse window. Just open Word or Notepad and hit CTRL+O and then right click the folder you want to remap and do so just as you would've done in XP.
  2. Your bit worked as intended MrJinje. The exact registry entry listed in the first post isn't there, but there an entry close giving that a try.
  3. Is that going to take ownership of all of c:\windows? Or can I tweak it to just take ownership of one file?
  4. I have given this method a try and I need TrustedInstaller level to be able to modify anything in the path C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds I have tried to change write access but am unable. How does one create a login with the level of trustedinstaller?
  5. In XP you could perform a search and include the text within a text file, is this still possible in 7? I found that if you click on Organize -> folder and search options you can set it there, but is there somewhere that isn't permanent?
  6. I used secunia psi and it downloaded adobe flash player for my win7 x64 install.
  7. I have office XP with powerpoint installed on Win7 x64. Had it installed on 32bit and 64bit RC as well. I haven't used powerpoint yet (hardly ever use it), but i use word and excel lots and have had no problems with them.
  8. No unhide problem, but it resized. I stretched it to 2x the width it was. switch user come back and it was single width, but unhide was fine with mouse.
  9. I never used auto hide, can't stand it. But I tried it out for your testing. Switched, it was fine. Moved it to the side and resized it and when I came back it was shrunk but was unable to unhide fine.
  10. Ok downloaded secunia which checks for security threats in your software. It was able to get the right flash installed for me.
  11. Have you tried doing a restart after changing the size? I remember with XP if it crashed for some reason before doing a restart any changes I made to anything on the task bar were undone.
  12. I keep getting the message "There was an error downloading the Flash Player update. Please try again later, or visit adobe.com/go/getflashplayer/ to download the latest version of the Flash plugin." I've gone to the site, I've downloaded, I've run it, run it again as admin. It installed an add-on to firefox and now when I got to a site with flash the UAC pops up to download/install the update again. Disabled the add-on, but still get the pop up error when going to flash sites. Is there a way to disable the error if not install flash?
  13. That's what it was, small icons. Thanks.
  14. I have "Adjust Date/Time" and within there I have "Change Date/Time" which requires admin password. "Change Calendar Settings" but there is nothing in there to display it on the taskbar, it is just setting up the display of the calendar.
  15. Windows 7 64 Pro, logged in as standard user. When I log in with my admin account it displays both the time and the date. Standard user it is only the time.
  16. Your company has to be a partner with MS for this. Can't even register without that.
  17. Is there a way to add an exception to the UAC to allow a certain program to run at admin level without activating the UAC? I currently run as a standard user with UAC at highest. The program is an XP Legacy that will only run with admin privs.
  18. Any recomendations for an etailer that still sells 2.5" IDE? I usually use newegg and tigerdirect, but they both seem to only have SATA in 2.5".
  19. It says no hard drive after BIOS goes through it's checks. And as soon as I power it on it sounds like something is wrong with it for sure.
  20. I was working on a friend's laptop that was infested with trojans. I have everything under control and was running some last check scans when I got a BSoD. When I rebooted the laptop the hard drive was making it's final cry before death and the computer can't find it. Some of the infestations she had were: Fraud.SafetyCenter, Fraud.Win-Antivrius, Fraud.WindowsPolicePro, Fraud.XPAntivirus, Win32.TDSS.ntf, Win32.ZBot Is it possible that these malwares caused the death of the hard drive? It is a 5 year old hitatchi travelstar. Or was it probably just it's time to go?
  21. I think I did install it on my wife's account. I have 1 admin and never log into it. Every other account is standard user. I don't remember when I stopped being able to use it on every account, but it was around the time I changed to 3.5. But even after I upgraded to 3.5 I could still run as admin. Then the day I posted this I stopped being able to open it on my wife's account even as admin. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled 3.0.10 and so far am having no problems.
  22. I have 5 user accounts on the family computer. I have Firefox 3.5 installed. It will only open under my wife's account. I used to be able to right click and run as admin from any of them and it would run fine. But now that no longer works. I've looked in the event viewer and there is nothing there about the problem. I've tried Firefox safemode and that doesn't work.
  23. At first I hated W7's start menu, now when I use an XP box I curse it's very existence. I am very pleased with the current start menu.
  24. Is that a hard ware part that might be able to be replaced?
  25. I have an IBM X40 laptop dual booting SUSE 10.0 and XP SP3. It has 2 USB ports and a 3rd smaller one for the power for my optical drive. While at my parents all of my USB ports stopped working. When I plug in my san disk cruzers the drive lights up for about a second and then goes out. My GPS asks if I want to connect to the computer, but then doesn't connect. There is still power on them, I can plug in my devices that are powered only no data (I have one of those USB dogs that hump your computer when plugged in and it works fine). The same thing happens in XP as it does in SUSE. I also have a docking bay that has 4 USB ports on the back and I have the same problem there. I figured if the ports on the laptop died the ones on the docking station would be fine and when they weren't I figured it was some driver or software issue, until the same thing happened in linux. Now I am totally stumped.

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