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  1. cmdlines.txt HELP

    TANX i just tested it and it works just fine, tanks !!
  2. Hi I created my first unattended Xp setup disk, added al hotfixes and SP2, it all worked fine 'till i tried to add some programs. I used WPI application to install them insted of Batch scripting, i loaded all my programs in it, and executed it for a test, it worked just fine, but i can't set up the path on WPI.cmd in my cmdlines.txt in $OEM$ folder. WPI folder is located on the same level as the $OEM$ and I386 folders, (x:\WPI\Wpi.cmd). I tried to set up a line in cmdlines.txt to start WPI.cmd but it's not working. %CDROM%\WPI\Wpi.cmd HELP Please!
  3. Top 20 Unattended Apps?

    This would be mine:: 1. Winamp 5 2. Alcohol120 3. Daemon Tool 4. Nero 6.6 5. Nod32 6. Ad-aware 6 pro 7. Adobe reader 7.0.5 8. Iso Buster 1.8 9. SpyBot Dearch&Destroy 1.4 10.Mozilla Firefox 1.8 11.WinRar 12.Winzip 8.1 13.Windows Media Player 10 14.NET Framework 2 15.PowerDVD 5 16.DirectX 9.0C (actualy never succeded) 17.Messanger 7.5 18.Audiograbber 19.System Mechanic 6 ( if annybody knows switches for this ti never works for me) 20.Neemo codec pack
  4. Hy

    Hy I stumbled on MSFN forum by accident couple of days ago and found it most interesting. I started to build my own unattended Xp for first time and had some success, but also some problems witch i solved with help of this forum, so i just want to say TANX very much to all! sorry for bad english:)