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  1. My thanks to you both! Hopefully this will be a smooth install @ least from the Windows standpoint. Kind of off track but do either of you know if sing a standard PCI graphics card (atimach64) should pose a problem in a board with a PCI-E slot?
  2. We’re talking about an XP Pro Upgrade disk, correct? Further question, does it make a difference whether I use the old HD with 98 installed or a new/clean unformatted HD? I can do either; just want to minimize OS issues as will have other issues with mobo anyway – using Opteron vs. Athlon, std. PCI ati64 video vs. PCI-E, etc.
  3. I will be building a new machine using an MSI Neo4 Platinum mobo. This is my 1st build. I have a registered WIN98 SE installation disk but fear it won’t work as MSI advises nvidia 4 chipset will not work with it. I do not want any more hassles than I already anticipate. Is it possible to buy the Pro Upgrade and do a direct install without 98 SE being installed or do I have to buy the full Pro? Concern being that by installing 98 first, I will trigger mobo errors prior to even getting a chance to upgrade. Thanks. Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian

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