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  1. ok i did that and it worked fine!

    thanks a lot ZcWorld :thumbup

    you saved me from downloading again sp2 :wacko: because i have started to believe that it is corrupted for real

  2. @XP_2600 i tested both directdraw and direct3d and it was ok

    the only thing i saw it was in the non full black screen with the with bouncing box

    the box stuck 2 or 3 times for less than 1sec

    does this mean anything ?

    @ripken204 i checked the event viewer and the only error i found in there it was an error from vmware :

    Source : VMware Virtual Mount Service Extended
    Can't open key, "{124B91A0-21B2-4107-A5BE-050B8E25079C}"

    but i dont thing this has nothing to do with my problem

    is there any program that i can check for H/W problems? (for memory and display adapter)

    btw my display drivers are the latest and directx is updated

  3. my pc crashes after i open a game (any game)

    no bluescreen no nothing it is just crashing

    and the screen goes black and nothing works after that no ctrl+alt+del... no nothing

    and i'm resetting again and again with no luck :(

    my pc is :

    windows xp sp2 pro nlited with nlite 1.0 final and ryanvm last pack

    (i didnt remove anything that i wasnt 100% sure with nlite so the problem is not that)

    MSI K8N NEO2-FX (nforce 3 250gb chipset)

    ATHLON 64 3500+




    any ideas?

    please help me... :(

  4. it's the 266MB exe and i have integrated it wtih older versions of nlite a lot of times and i never had problem

  5. when i tryied to integrate sp2 in nlite it says that the file is corrupt!

    but the file is fine, i know that because i have integrated it a lot of times

    any ideas?

  6. thanks a lot for your reply and sorry for the late reply

    i did what you said and it has been 2 days that i dont have this error

    i thing it was the page file that did the trick because it was set to 1024 and my physical memory is 2gb

    anyway... whatever the prob was it is solved by some of the things you told me to do

    thanks a lot :D you are my hero! :thumbup

  7. I'm receiving this bluescreen stop about a week now a lot of times and it makes me mad :


    STOP : 0x000000FE (0x00000005,0x89c470e0,0x10DE00E7,0x89BE3700)

    i searched for updated usb drivers but i didnt find any

    and then i did it... format c: .....

    after the format the same stop error again! :realmad:

    i dont know what to do please help me

    my system :

    nlited windows xp pro SP2 english with ryanvm update pack 2.0.6 and nlite1 rc8


    AMD ATHLON 64 3500




  8. from unattend windows guide :

    to put a number in the Order box. 1 will be executed before 2 and so on. This ONLY works if they are in the same group.

    my question is :

    if i have 10 progs in the category applications and add them the numbers 1-10

    and i have 10 progs in the category utilities and add them again the numbers 1-10

    will wpi install all the programs of the category applications with the order i gave it and then continue to category utilities or it will install the progs that have the same number but are in differend category together?

    what i mean is can i add same order numbers in each category or will they start installing together ?

    i want to do it like this so i will be able to know the order of the progs in each category and not the oder of all of them

  9. here is the way i have made a lite installation of nero 7082 nice and easy

    it's something like tempuser's way from the nero 7054 topic but a little differend

    doubleclick the Nero- and wait for the screen that you should click next

    click cancel and copy the folder from %temp% then edit THIS msi before u do the admin install

    with installshield or a shimilar prog

    remove anything you dont want to be installed from inside the msi add your serial etc

    save it and then make the admin install from the modified msi

    this will give you a folder that has only the things you left in the msi to be installed

    7zip it and add in the config.txt only /qb /norestart switches and nothing more and you're done

    how is it different? :P

    you are copying the folder from temp

    then you do an admin install

    and then you delete files from the folder that the admin install gave you

    and then you edit the msi from there and searching for the files that you have deleted and remove them from msi

    i am not deleting any files from the folders admin install does this for me

    because what i did is edit the msi from the temp folder

    and i remove the componets i dont want from installshield

    and then i do the admin install and admin install give me a folder

    that has only the components that i have left in the edited msi to install

    do you see the difference now?

  10. i had slipstreamed the 705 update that is in the subfolder of the 707 update i told you to dl and then the 707 it worked fine and it appears as 707

    i made an 705 folder and an 707 folder extraxt them inside as post #1 says

    and i integrated them as post #4 says

    msiexec /p Ac705PrP_efgj.msp /a C:\AcroPro\AcroPro.msi /qb!  FOR THE 705

    and the same code and changed the Ac705PrP_efgj.msp with 707 msp name for the 707 update

    read both posts #1 and #4 and you'll understant how

    and after you done this to avoid an error that happeneneds when you try to install it after you integrate 707 read post #37

    i have done it this way and i have tested it and it installed with no problems

    good luck :hello:

  11. compile the autoit script and run as usual in xplode :D

    thanks for your reply

    one q:

    have you done this and saw autoit's working at this stage of windows setup, or you just thing that it will work?

    i have 58 progs to install and if i remember right i havent found switches for the 10 or 12 of them and made them to install with autoit

    i did install them all with wpi and it worked like a charm but i want to try xplode

    but i don't want to right the xml and then see error on all of the autoit's

  12. @AngelOfCake

    thanks a lot man! it works! i just tested on vmware

    it activates acrobat BUT if acrobat sees something differend in your hardware asks you for re-activation


    i tried to integrate 7.0.7 alone but it didnt you need to integrate 7.0.5 and then 7.0.7

    download this 7.07 update :


    it has a subfolder with 7.0.5 inside

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