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  1. Hello everyone, Heres my problem, I have a nice celeraun server with an adaptec PCI AHA-1520B (thats what the card's bios reports), and I'm attempting to install windows server 2003 on the drives. The server '03 install isn't picking up the controller thus not finding any drives to install on. I don't know where to start. Any help is appreciated... Thanks! --Amrit
  2. As Teh Topis Says, What IS A Windows Binary, AKA What Else, Other Than An .exe Extention Makes Windows "Execute" The Binary? Edit: Removed Signature...
  3. yes there is a limit...what your referring to is the Drive Manufacture always includes some 'spare sectors' to replace bad sectors...you can't see them..only time you will see them is when you get a 'warning' that your drive is failing and you've used up them 'spare sectors'...its called 'Smart Drive' Yes, I Believe That Is What He/She Is Reffering to. (I Read About Those Drives In A Magizine [i Can't Remember Which]) And I Don't Believe That There Is A Way To Reformat The Drive And Be Able To Get Those Extra Tracks (As The Drive Is Programed [in the fimware, I believe] To Set Those Tracks Aside For It's Own Purposes [eg. Smart Drive Repair or Maybe Hibernating]) So Maybe If You Make Your Own Firmware, You Might be Able To Get Those Extra Tracks... ~Lion
  4. Yes, This Topic Is Solved And Can Be Locked... ~Lion
  5. Just for future reference, see the "Find" button on the lower right-hand corner, just above the "Next" button? No... I Did Not... Thanks! That Sould Have Saved Me A Whole Lot Of Time... thanks ~Lion
  6. You didn't look hard enough. Oh God... I Have Been Grinding My Teeth For half-an-hour Trying To Find That. (Notonly That, But I Just Installed Office 2003 On That System...) thanks! ~LAPS
  7. I Did That, BUT I Couldn't Figure Out Where To Remove OOBE (or what) So, I Figure That In Sysprep, You Can Delete Files And Call It An "OEM Config". thanks ~Lion
  8. Aha! I Believe I Might Have A Way To Get Rid Of OOBE. In Some OEM (And I Believe Normal) XP Install CDs, You Get Sysprep ([xpinstallCD]:\Support\tools\deploy.cab\sysprep.exe) . It Allows You To Configure XP For The "End-User" (Eventhough That's You.) So, I Guess You Can Delete Every Trace Of OOBE Here And Have It Be An "OEM-Config" . So, What Do You Guys Think? I Have My System in Factory Mode Wondering What To Do, So I Am Posting To You!!! thanks ~Lion
  9. Yes, They DID Stop The Downloads, And I Did A HUGE Search On GOOGLE And Found Nuthin, (Although, I Have A Strange Fealing That There Is A Copy Of Vista On Limewire Since M$ Stopped The Downloads...) thanks ~Lion
  10. Hey, Sorry I Have Not Been On Lately (Stupid Internet...) But, Thanks A WHOLE Lot For Your Help! I AM Checking That Site Now. thanks ~Lion
  11. Like The Description Says, What Are The CORE Files That Make Windows 98 Or Windows 98 SE Tick? And My Second Question: What Files Are Loaded At Boot Time? thanks ~Lion P.S. I Search GOOGLE With No Luck .That's Why I Am Asking Here
  12. 9x/ME logos [1 MB, ZIPped, some are animated]: http://www.mdgx.com/files/95LOGOS.ZIP FYI: 95LOGOS.ZIP contains 95LOGOS.TXT [linked above]. HTH Thanks ~Lion
  13. Evroyone! Well, I Have A Windows98 SE Laptop (From Compaq ) And I Attached It's Logo.sys file... As You Can See, IT'S ANIMATED!!! I Beleve I Have Seen That There Is Some Animation Code That Goes Into It? I Have The GIMP, And I Wos Wondering If I Might Be Able To Use It To Get My Own Logo.sys File Animated... thx in advance!! Thanks ~Lion Logo.zip
  14. Thanks A Bunch! I guess I should have Googled 1st but thanks anyway... Thanks LION
  15. Hi all... When opening a .avi file over 1.5 GB I got an error... The Next Day I turned on my computer (win 2000) to an error about the reg file system. I just patched that file with a backup. Then I rebooted the computer and found a stop error on my screen stop:c000036C \systemroot\systen32\DRIVERS\serenum.sys Device could not be loaded Error status was : OxC0000221 Any Ideas Anyone?
  16. A quick around would get you started. Glad to see you put forth no effort to find your answer. http://unattended.msfn.org Thanks Alanoll I am sorry to say that I didn't put forth any effort but I will try harder to put more effort in my posts. Thanks ~Lion
  17. Hi all I have a DELL computer and I am trying to create a unattended install. The OEM disk is slipstremed with sp1. I am new at windows XP but I know that in win 98 you use Batch98. What do you use in XP? thanks ~Lion

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