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  1. Hi, i making my next unattended xp installation and i need your help: 1. how set wallpaper? 2. how set another theme with hacked uxtheme? 3. how set vista sounds theme (maybe http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=71604 ) ? 4. when integrates dotnet 1 and 2 (hfslip, nlite, runonce or svcpack)?? thanks a lot
  2. hey, you would install pure win xp and then install this visual pack silently (for example Vista_Inspirat.exe /S) throw WPI or runonceex method. If you installed now brinco pack you can copy and rename files in //windows/brincopack... and replace with original files in your iso, but i'm not sure about this and look for this: http://rapidshare.de/files/5267600/VistaPackI.rar.html to są pliki które śa podmieniane ;; ReplacerScript shell32.dll,shell32.dll explorer.exe,explorer.exe wininet.dll,wininet.dll urlmon.dll,urlmon.dll mshtml.dll,mshtml.dll shdocvw.dll,shdocvw.dll shlwapi.dll,shlwapi.dll access.cpl,access.cpl appwiz.cpl,appwiz.cpl browseui.dll,browseui.dll cabview.dll,cabview.dll calc.exe,calc.exe cleanmgr.exe,cleanmgr.exe cmd.exe,cmd.exe cmdial32.dll,cmdial32.dll console.dll,console.dll credui.dll,credui.dll desk.cpl,desk.cpl fontext.dll,fontext.dll hdwwiz.cpl,hdwwiz.cpl iexplore.exe,iexplore.exe inetcpl.cpl,inetcpl.cpl inetcplc.dll,inetcplc.dll intl.cpl,intl.cpl joy.cpl,joy.cpl keymgr.dll,keymgr.dll logonui.exe,logonui.exe main.cpl,main.cpl mmsys.cpl,mmsys.cpl moricons.dll,moricons.dll msgina.dll,msgina.dll msimn.exe,msimn.exe msoeres.dll,msoeres.dll mspaint.exe,mspaint.exe mstask.dll,mstask.dll mstscax.dll,mstscax.dll mydocs.dll,mydocs.dll ncpa.cpl,ncpa.cpl netid.dll,netid.dll netshell.dll,netshell.dll newdev.dll,newdev.dll notepad.exe,notepad.exe ntshrui.dll,ntshrui.dll occache.dll,occache.dll powercfg.cpl,powercfg.cpl printui.dll,printui.dll rasdlg.dll,rasdlg.dll regedit.exe,regedit.exe shdoclc.dll,shdoclc.dll shimgvw.dll,shimgvw.dll sndrec32.exe,sndrec32.exe sndvol32.exe,sndvol32.exe stobject.dll,stobject.dll sysdm.cpl,sysdm.cpl sysocmgr.exe,sysocmgr.exe syssetup.dll,syssetup.dll taskmgr.exe,taskmgr.exe telephon.cpl,telephon.cpl themeui.dll,themeui.dll timedate.cpl,timedate. url.dll,url.dll uxtheme.dll,uxtheme.dll webcheck.dll,webcheck.dll wiaacmgr.exe,wiaacmgr.exe winsrv.dll,winsrv.dll wmplayer.exe,wmplayer.exe xpsp2res.dll,xpsp2res.dll zipfldr.dll,zipfldr.dll Tu natomiast jest paczka ,którą po rozpakowaniu podmieniamy do naszej instalki do katalogu i386 i po zainstalowaniu będziemy mieli wisualizacje jak powyżej http://rapidshare.de/files/5268059/VistaPackII.rar.html
  3. Hi, How install Office Beta 12 beside Office 2003? It's possible or not? I don't want update or replece... thx
  4. Hi, I've got Win XP SP2 MCE: - xp mce with sp2 eng - rollup 2 WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB900325-usa (needs netfx1) - mcelockpack.exe (polish localisation pack) i slipstreamed HFs by HFSLIP (post sp2, netfx1 and WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB900325-usa) and when i install localisation pack, win informs me that is not english ver and breaks install. What do you think about this? how may i make unattended installation with all updates and localistation pack? Which hotfixes install: english or polish? thx
  5. Hi, how install silent this lang pack and this update WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB900325-usa ?? thanks

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