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  1. Hi all! i have a strange problem my explorer.exe (winXP sp2) crashes when I browse some folders, like the one with "longhorn ice" icon pack (attached), for example... moreover, if I browse those folders from another program (like microangelo or whatever you want), it crashes too. is it a known bug or so....?
  2. I guess that shellpack it's only in english.......right? no way to get an italian one.....
  3. Kudos

    Make cab

    hi there! i've something like hundreds of files to makecab, is there a faster way than using cmd command?
  4. Do someone know how to integrate this brickopack from crystalMX.net in my iso? it would be great to extract dlls and executable from that installer and copy it directly in the iso...
  5. i guess something's wrong... that code works with extensions not yet registered (i tried .zzz and it works), but not with the other extensions (jpg, gif, mp3)...
  6. is there a way to replace files directly in the iso, without using $oem$?
  7. I don't really like XPize's features... is there any other stuff like xpize i can include in my XPlite?
  8. Hi There! I found some nice shellpacks around in internet (like this), and i wonder if is it possible to integrate one in my XPcd lite... do someone know how?
  9. Hi There! do someone know where does win save the information about icons ? I mean, the association between a file extension and its own icon. I wish to change all my mimetype icons with one .reg file ....
  10. so i can use this method to replace original shell32.dll with a customized one? won't windows replace the original?
  11. 1) Do $OEM$ distribution system overwrite protected files, like shell32.dll? 2) when do it start to copy? before the hotfixes or at the end of installation? thanks, bye...

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