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  1. lol i agree with the brain activity ONLY if my mum wouled belive that P.S. Piracy is only bad if u dont buy the game after woulds hehe
  2. can some one please delete this thread thanks damo
  3. if there is not a chance that you can do it couled u please let me know just to go over it again with u instead of xp logo have TUX logo instead of windows XP, 2000 etc... have LINUX instead of eg... unoficial service pack 5 have Linux be true to Yourself and at the bottom your thing eg..email, URL, Logo etc.... Thanks narcarsiss
  4. hey Folks i been following this topic i think you cann call it. well i just wanted to show you all mine that i made well here is the pic i hope you all like it @muiz thankyou 4 the wake up call i hope that this is better. and how can u tell.......
  5. thankyou "Martijn" is there any chance that you can point me in the right direction only on 64k internet till the 1st of jan bloddy telstragot throttled if not can some one lock/delete this thread
  6. hey any chance i can get one no XP logo just a logo of TUX aka linux tux so TUX logo then LINUX and under that. linux be tru to your self thankyou narcarsiss
  7. ok i been creating my ouw xpcd right! but what i want to know is: 1: is there a prog that can edit the file on the xpcd that has all the themes in it 2: i want to make my own theme for when i install windows and have a custom b/g picture for when it has installed 3: same thing for bootscreens and logonscreen so basicly i want to edit the whole GUI to how i want it but it has to be through the xpcd files any ideas wouled be awsome
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