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  1. We're using the default wimscript.ini, nothing else exlcuded.
  2. Does anyone know what causes ImageX Error #2 ? I see it randomly and it says it can't find a specific file, but the file always changes. We're using this to capture images of users PC's as we replace them, so is it possible the drives are bad?
  3. Mount WIM Images

    http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...mp;hl=Mount+WIM I found that thread, and installed the WAIK tools (assuming it installed that INF file) and now I'm able to mount images no problem. I wonder if thats the same case for WinPE?
  4. Mount WIM Images

    I'm able to mount the image in Vista no problem, so it doesn't seem to be a problem with the WIM. I have not tried from the WinPE, this was on an XP machine. I was able to apply the image, just can't seem to mount it.
  5. I'm looking to replace our current imaging solution with the WAIK (PE 2.0 + Imagex) and one of our requirements is being able to image a user's machine and then archiving the image incase data is needed from that image. I can capture the image no problem, but I'm not able to mount it. imagex /mount <path to wim>\<file>.wim 1 <path to folder> and it tells me its unable to find the image. If I do imagex /info it tells me Image 1 is valid and alive. If I do imagex /dir it lists everything as it should. This is on an XP SP2 machine trying to mount the image. Any ideas?
  6. We get an OEM copy of Office 2k3 with all of our PC's that we purchase, and I'm trying to create a single image for all of them. I'd like to use one of the OEM disks, copy it to the HDD (for update purposes), and then have it so it will prompt for the correct OEM cd key to use when setting up the PC for the user. I guess I need the Office equal to Sysprep for XP. =) Do I have to purchase a copy of the Office OPK, or I may have read the ORK might do the trick?
  7. AIBuilder Alternatives?

    Yes, sir! That's the one! Thanks!
  8. Can anyone recommend an alternative to what Symantec's AIBuilder can do? At one time I saw something like it (believe it was freeware as well) but can't remember where or what it was called. Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Awesome, thank you very much! I am using the code that Jazkal posted, and for XP so far the only thing I've had to change was the following: NORMAL: WinActivate, Found New Hardware Wizard WinWaitActive, Found New Hardware Wizard Send, {TAB 2}{ENTER} Goto, BEGIN In W2k3, it was sending !n, and XP doesn't seem to know what to do with that. Replacing !n with {TAB 2}{ENTER} gets the Windows to close. Just incase anyone else is interested.
  10. No, it's not. So this AutoIT script runs first, looking for an closing any Windows. It loops until it doesn't find anymore, then exits. After it exits, and the next part/next script runs. Thats how that script runs, correct? BTW, thank you all for the input, I thought I was going to be dead in the water!
  11. Guess I'll have to look at AutoIT. I'm launching my scripts via RunOnce on boot, so I could just include the AutoIT script as well.
  12. How would I use this AutoIt script along with a cmd file? Is it something that always runs checking for those options? I've got a few Windows that seem to pop up a few seconds after the majority of them.
  13. How can I suppress the New Hardware Wizard window in XP Pro SP2? There are a few of my drivers that will not run when the New Hardware Wizard window is present, so I need a way to stop it from popping up, or a way to close it when it opens. Any ideas? I did see a Registry Key for XP Embedded, but it did not work on XP Pro.
  14. So if I have a bunch of OEM machines(Dell, HP, Gateway, etc), and I'm creating an image for those machines, I can use the Product Key located in their WINNT.SIF from the Recovery CD instead of the Key on the sticker?
  15. I'm in the process of setting up an image to use at work, and can get everything install and deteced except the audio drivers. It's list as SigmaTel High Defination on the Intel 945 Chipset Motherboard. I tried the drivers from the DriverPack, but Windows couldn't see to find anything that it liked. Anyone have any other ideas?