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  1. The package can be extracted with this command:

    expand -f:* Windows6.0-KB957200-x86.msu .

    Then you can extract the .cab file with winrar. If you look at the contents (look at the xml-files) you will find that there are 4 files being updated:

    werfaultsecure.exe (errorreportingfaults)

    werfault.exe (errorreportingfaults)

    faultrep.dll (errorreportingfaults)

    wersvc.dll (feedback-service)

    All related to the error reporting service, Which I removed. Mystery solved - no need for this patch!

  2. i had the same problem and got an error code associated with windows update. i searched windows help and it gave me this:

    1. click start>run>services.msc

    2. go to office source engine and set it to automatic (delayed start) and start the service.

    3. install the update.


    Yeah, I saw that and tried it --- no joy. But if it worked for you, I'll try it again with more persistence!

    Edit: No, that does not work for me. It's Office 2007 anyway, while the error # refers to Office 2003.

  3. Worked for me,and I removed Windows Mail. Every update to date has worked.

    Thanks, I can see why it works for you. You really don't remove much! I thought that I was conservative, but you put me to shame.

  4. In the old days, we used to get this problem when the laptop battery (not the cmos battery) had gone bad. Removing the battery with the power cord removed and letting it sit for a few minutes would enable it to post after plugging power back in (leaving battery out).

  5. So I played around with disks in AHCI mode. Everything worked well, BUT one extremely annoying thing - when this is enabled, instead of regular POST screen the AHCI bios screen shows up and doesn't go away until the PC starts booting, obviously making it impossible to get into the BIOS or pop up the boot mnu (as a matter of fact I can still do it, but it's a blind game plus I only have like ~0.1s to do it). Any ideas?

    The board is GA P35-DS4 rev2.1 with bios version F12.

    Enable the Gigabyte Boot Screen in the bios, it's ugly but it should solve your problem.

  6. thnx for ur reply Dino,

    i have read tht topic on vlite.net. i havent removed anything else except defender from system. i have tried to get back all possible files and registry of windows defender. now i just missing service to start defender.If u can suggest me something to try, it will be gr8. :)


    Did you add this to the registry?


  7. OK 32 Bit Vista otherwise same specs as before. Got two errors during install but all programs checked out at least by running them a few times. Also ran various other stuff (parts of Windows) with no problem. I should add that I never install Access or Onenote.



  8. I think it's because vista 64bit... LegoLiam™ is using 64bit version vista too... so you have no problems...

    me and csci1000 are having this problem on vista 32bit...

    Later today I'll set up a 32 Bit test machine and try it.

  9. The WinSxS folder is the side-by-side .dll cache for applications requiring access to .dll files other than what is currently on the system. The TEMP folder inside contains all of the pending operations, to be done on a reboot, like renaming, deleting, or copying in .dll files. I would suggest strongly not touching this folder - if a reboot doesn't delete the contents, you can fairly safely wipe out the pendingdeletes folder, but the pendingrenames folder hanging around is a bad thing indeed.

    Thanks for your reply. I image my computer every day, so I was able to trace back the pending deletes to the installation of SP1 (I have the real thing since they released it to beta testers). So I nuked them. I also was able to trace the pending renames to the January Patch Tuesday, so I nuked them also. Event Viewer shows no problems afterward and so I'll hope for the best.

  10. I ran across this folder while looking for things to delete: C:\Windows\winsxs\temp

    It has 160 Megabytes in it under two subdirectories: PendingDeletes and PendingRenames

    Under PendingDeletes the files have names like this: $$DeleteMe.activeds.dll.01c869f7276954a3.0053

    Sure looks like it can be deleted, but only answer this post if you have definite knowledge of what this stuff is.

  11. No joke, but I think USB Flash Drives are an exception (they smoke up and not the PC most of the time ;))... read some user manuals of printers, external HDDs, scanners and so on...

    Well, besides flash drives, people plug in usb mice by the thousands with no problem. USB external modems are not reported to cause any problem when plugged in with the computer powered on. I can think of various other devices, but you get my point.

  12. @techtype and @fizban2 - you guys are missing the obvious reason this is failing!!! The OP is using pop3. instead of pop. as his POP3 server - pop3.registeredsite.com doesn't resolve, but pop.registeredsite.com does. And it's in the help documents on the site that he should be using pop.registeredsite.com as his incoming POP3 server for his client - note the screenshot!!!

    Yes, I got that from your post, but it was not enough to prevent me from barking up the wrong tree ---- until I looked at the site ----- and saw my mistake.

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