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  1. Thanks a lot, but i really really wanna learn to do it with grub4dos.
  2. Hello, i hope you can help me, i have a problem making a multiboot cd with Grub4Dos. I read than Grub4Dos can read directly the SETUPLDR.BIN, and i do it in this way: title Windows Xp chainloader /I386/SETUPLDR.BIN and show me this: Will boot NTLDR from drive =0xe0, partition=0xff(hidden sectors=0x0) and then reboot. i doing form this way too: title Windows Xp find /I386/SETUPLDR.BIN map /I386/SETUPLDR.BIN (0xff) || map --mem /I386/SETUPLDR.BIN (0xff) map --hook chainloader (0xff) and show me this message: Invalid or unsupported executable format I tried a lot of ways but nothing works, give me some clue what i missing.

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