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  1. I have downloaded the NiniteOne. 2 thinks i already have problems with. 1)How do you login as a administrator on all machines at once, so you can update the app. It seems that you have to write the administrator password for every machine, everytime you wanna update a program. 2) Is it possible to shutdown a program remote (firefox) since firefox can't be updatet when its open. All of our machins starts up with FF and IE9 open as default.
  2. wow, have should have known about this site years ago. I think i was everything i was looking for.
  3. Well! things has change.! currently we are on/in a workgroup with no server ( we have a old mandrake 9.2 that we use for a dhcp server.) But now we have been told that we are going to join the local county IT department and get a fiber/domain/vdi solution, hopefully before summer. So that changes a bit for us. So hopefully i wouldn't need to do any scripting at all. (i'm probably being naive )
  4. Sorry for the late reply. They are all win xp pro. But with in 2 weeks we are getting 25 new win 7.
  5. thx for all the replies. All the machines are in a workgroup. I can find all the switches here in the forum. But how do i push them out to the machines.? I have been experiment with a batch file, and have the flash file, etc on one machines and then push them to all the other machines. But i had to give it up, it never work the way i wanted to. And that was years ago, so im more or less back to basic. Do you guys use any special program to push out the files and install them.?
  6. Im a total newbie when it comes to scripting. But a need a way to roll out flash and java (and maybe other updates as well) I have about 100 computer that often has to get update from flash and java. At the moment im going around to each machine and installing it by hand. It takes a couple of days, and the next week i have to start over. Im looking for a easier way to do it. Hopefully i can get to the point where i can update all computers from one computer, and spend time on more serious work. I hope some can help me so i can learn this from the ground up, or link to some easy tutorials. Thx
  7. I found this forum when i was looking for at way to silent install flash and java. Hope i find what im looking for.

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