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  1. Followed the instructions to include the progress bar. When I select begin install, a progress bar appears for a few seconds listing the programs and then closes and no applications are installed. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Hey I am running WPI stand alone but mine is running from a hard drive instead I am not an expert on this prog at all in fact im a noob of the highest order but this is how i got it to work on my hard drive and i dont see why it would not work for you this is based off a recommendation another user gave me in a previous post. Instead of just pointing straight to the exe create a batch file. in the batch file include the following: cd /d %cdrom% cd install\winrar (or whatever the directory structure is to point to the folder your exe is in) winrar.exe then in the config.js file point to the batch file instead. This seemed to work for me give it a try
  3. I am WPI to install applications on multiple clients across my network. There are times that I install some applications and I then come back later and install more applications on the same client. My question is I have applications that are dependent of another on my menu list. I have the applications set to gray out and drop the check box when installed. I am having troubles on the applications that are dependent of an application that has allready been installed and grayed out, but as I understand it the dependencies work off of which applications have been checked for install. Is there a way that I can make applications dependent and install them at a later date without having to re check or reinstall the main program.
  4. Is it possible when the application is in the grayed out condition to remove the checkbox as well????
  5. I am using your installer in a different manner than most of your users here, and previous to 4.3 it was working fine. I am taking the WPI files and putting them in the root of an external usb hardrive. This hardrive contains all of my installation files (I have a very large amount of installation data and it will not fit onto a DVD). The problem I am having seems to derive from the path. After reading through these threads i have found several examples of this same issue but the thread seems to end before the resolution is found. When i run the WPI.cmd file it defines the cdrom drive (by finding the wpi.ico) correctly. but when i run a .bat file through the installation process it finds the bat file but fails to run any executables within the bat file (or find any files that are being copied) when i run a current directory check after the bat has been triggered it is saying that the current drive is now the root of C. How can I keep the environment inside the folder that the bat is being launched or at least keep the CD from reverting back to C:? any help with this is greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks

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