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  1. That's what I'm trying to do now.. seems like the win7 dvd didn't see the installation.. the weird thing is that i was able to boot into it after leaving the machine off for a day, then i restarted and then i got the unmountable error.. Are there any tools that will allow me to perform chkdsk or fixboot on an unmountable volume? anything on hirens or ultimate bootcd? also- any explanation for the weird no start button on the MiniPE? Thanks again
  2. So, I restarted my buggy 7 beta installation and now get blue screens telling me UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME I've tried booting into safe mode and I get the same thing. So there is a new option to Repair Windows if it doesn't start correctly. It will load, except all I get is a black screen and mouse cursor that I can move around.. No keyboard controls work. I've tried CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up a task manager, but no such luck So I tried booting 2 different versions of DigiWiz MiniPE and they do the same thing. Start up with a black or a wallpapered screen with a mouse cursor, but no button. Are these two problems related? Any suggestions on unmountable_boot_volume? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone managed to do this yet? I really need this!
  4. I was wondering if there was a way to reinstall vista without using system restore, whilst keeping the majority of existing settings intact on a Vista system? I remember that you could do this with XP, but have not found an option like it for the Vista. Thanks!
  5. Unfortunately, the computer is only one user, and is the administrator.
  6. yes. i do. everything was working fine for a while, and then it just stopped.
  7. I can see the network share from all of my computers, mac and windows, but when i try to connect it says that i can't. all i want to do is connect to the network share on this one particular computer, and no computer can connect to it. it sees it located in mshome/workgroup but it won't connect.
  8. Hello, I've had networking working before, and something must have changed that doesn't allow me to connect to the computer. From the problematic computer, I can do outgoing connections fine, but I can't get any incoming connections on it. I've ran the Network Setup Wizard a few times, and that doesn't seem to help. I also have the firewall turned off. I'm running XP Media Center Edition with all the latest updates. Can someone help me get an incoming connection please? Thanks!
  9. well, i ended up getting the 5200, and i haven't experienced any random shutdowns on my 200w PSU.. so, thanks for the help guys.
  10. if you searched the forums, or tried thegreenbutton - the official mce forum, you'd know that you can press the windows key and move your mouse over. alt tab works if you have multiple windows open.
  11. thanks. but i don't have pci-E. only AGP 4X. i just bought an fx5200 off ebay, so we'll see how that works.. i don't run any games, or anything really graphics intensive, so maybe it won't matter? otherwise, i suppose i'll have to try cramming another psu in there. wish me luck.
  12. thanks for that suggestion. the ones i'm looking at seem to require a 250w power supply.. do you think i can still install it in a system with 200w?
  13. thanks, but like i said in the original post, i've never used the drive before. plus, in your case, sounds like a reboot wouldve fixed the problem as well.
  14. hello.. i just installed vista, and i'm quite pleased with it. the only thing, is that it gives my system a rating of 1.0 because my graphics card isn't up to snuff. I have a GeForce MX440 which was pretty decent in XP, and I know NVidia hasn't released any drivers yet for older cards- but since my card isn't DX9 compatible, could someone recommend one that is, that is fairly cheap? Also, if there are any that are compatible with a 200w power supply, that would be ideal as well (yes, i know it's low- but apparently it's propietary to my HP case..) and one other thing, if there is an ATI card, do ATi cards have dualscreen options similar to TwinView on Nvidia? Thanks again.
  15. thanks for the help guys.. the only thing is that i'm not running any antivirus software, and i run explorer in a single window (not seperate process) i'll try uninstalling styler, and any IE7 addins to see if it helps.. but i'm not certain it will. i just did a fresh reinstall of this a few weeks ago.. i don't believe i had anything different in my old installation and explorer worked fine, and the a: drive was never accessed.. i'll try running an antivirus, but i run the adaware and spybot weekly, along with tweaknow's regcleaner.. any other suggestions would be appreciated.. thanks again!
  16. I've noticed this strange thing happening when i open certain programs. I'll open WMP11 and it will access the floppy a: drive for some reason. This happens with a few other programs as well and I don't understand why. I've never installed anything from that drive or used it since I've installed the OS. I have MCE with all of the latest updates from windowsupdate. Also, If I delete a file from within Explorer, the window doesn't always refresh to reflect the change. This also happens when I cut/paste a file to another location. I can manually hit F5 to refresh the window, but I don't know why it doesn't refresh automatically. If anyone has any idea on how to remedy these problems, I'd be very grateful. Much thanks in advance
  17. uhh.. isn't mce xp pro? you just made an unnecessary purchase.
  18. i'm not sure what i did to have caused this but, when I'm in Internet Explorer (with all windows updates in XPSP2) after i enter a web address into the address bar and hit enter - IE closes, and a save dialog comes up, asking me where i want to save the .htm file. for instance, if i enter "google.com" - it acts like it's going to load the page, but right before it does, the window closes asking me where i want to save "google.htm".. this happens with any application that uses IE. I thought that i could update to the IE7p2- but then no address bar appeared after the installation.. So i thought by uninstalling, maybe that would fix the original problem.. but I'm back to square one.. It seems to be some kind fo registry issue perhaps? any help would be greatly appreciated.. thank you.
  19. i saw that there are these hacks to enable 32bit icons in explorer.. is it possible to do something similar in win 2000?
  20. ok, ive managed to copy those files over, but when i run the setup, it says "your computer lready has an operations system installed, which cannot be upgraded by this version of Setup. You need to obtain the Windows 98 Upgrade" and when i run oemsetup, it asks me to put in the windows 98 bootdisk, which i did (downloaded from bootdisk.com) and that just brought be to an a:\ prompt.. edit : i've managed to move a few files around, and nearly everything seems to be working- but i have the wrong comdlg32.dll file.. the version i have is something like 5.5, and i need 4.7. because i keep getting the error comdlg cannot link to shell32.dll: 712, or something to that effect. so if someone could post a 4.7 version of comdlg32.dll, that would be greatly appreciated. thank you
  21. unfortunately i dont have that file.. someone was kind enough to send me a list of all the files i should have in my options\cabs folder, and the only files i seem to be missing are : dossetup.bin format.com oemsetup.bin oemsetup.exe setup.exe w98setup.bin i've managed to sort of get windows started, by changing the shell string in the system.ini from explorer.exe to progman.exe.. but i can only run a few of the win 3.11 -like programs..
  22. edit: ok so i found the cab files in windows\options\cabs .. but there is no setup.exe here. what can i do now? thanks again.
  23. so.. irst off, thanks for your help in my other topics, but i have a bigger dilemma.. i installed and uninstalled a few of those unofficial packs.. i had the latest 2.1a pack installed successfully. then i tried the revolutions packs, which made my system run at 100%.. so i did a restore. then tried the 98se2me pack, using winME cabs.. i had the same results, so i did another restore.. but when i rebooted it looked like the same modded shell was being loaded. so for some reason, i thought if i uninstalled the 2.1a pack and reinstalled, that would kind of make everything clean and back to normal.. that wasn't the case.. so i reboot, and windows starts loading ok.. then the gui comes up, and i get a bunch of unknown fatal errors with explorer.exe.. and can't get beyond that.. if i boot into safe mode, the same thing happens.. so the big question is.. what do i do now? i'm thinking if i can find out where the 98secab files are stored, i can extract explorer and replace the screwed up one.. but i can't seem to locate where those files are. is there a default directory to where windows keeps system backups? is there still a setup.exe to reinstall windows from the hardrive within dos? is this at all fixable without a cdrom drive!? many many thanks in advance.
  24. i'd like to upgrade my friend's computer from 98se to either ME or XP, but she doesn't have cd-rom drive.. is it possible to just run a set up in 98se, that would copy all the files it needs and then possibly reboot, and load the setup from the hard drive? thanks.

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