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  1. Hi, anyone experienced this issue. While typing the text suddenly changes size. The text size indicator remains unchanged though. Any feedback would be apprichiated.
  2. Could be, I know my computer is a "self-build", but I didn't build it (its a hand-me-down) so I have no idea about the compatability of its components. I know of some adressing errors to the com ports that i worked around, and that the network card is somewhat unstable (so I disabled it) so getting infront of the computer is always an interresting affair at my house. Anyway, I thought it strange that this problem should appear "out-of-the-blue" if it is indeed a hardware problem, thus my suspicions towards the defrag prog mentioned earlier. It seems that there is nothing more to say on this subject, except that I seriously need a new computer, so if noone has anything else to add I'd like to thank everyone for their help and consider this matter closed for the time being. Anyone?
  3. Having a similar problem, I'll see if I've done the same mistake...Thanx
  4. So, if I understand you correctly: either my HD is busted or my HD cable needs changing. Hmm...well, as you probably guessed already my system is quite old so I do not intend on investing in a new HD (I'd rather by a new PC). A new cable I can try, but it sounds like my computer is slowly dying here. Is it likely that my cdrom errors are due to a falty cable as well?
  5. I believe that kAndle is correct. In my experience any OS cd will do, as long as you have a seperate key. Use your own cd with her key and no one will know the difference. However, on newer laptops I know that some producers place the os in a hidden partition that can be burned once (and I believe it dissapears after that, releasing the partition to be used at your leasure). If nothig else, it could be worth getting those additional GBs. If I'm mistaking here, someone please correct me...somewhat of a novice myself, but trying my best and learning in the process.
  6. Well, I've used HDTUNE and it finds NO errors. It does find a possible problem, i.e. yellow marker, on the "Ultra DMA CRC Error Count", whatever that is??? However, the FAQ said not to worry, just check up on it from time to time. Even the temperature is a helathy 10 degrees celcius below critical. As soon as I get a hold of a new cable, I'l try it. I don't have one now though. HDTune seems like a great utility, thanx for recommending it.
  7. Thanks for all the input... I want to make clear that I do not know if the defrag utility actually caused the problem (for all I know it might just have uncovered some error, or moved some files into an unstable hd region if there exists such a thing.). I know little about this matter, thus my crie for help. Would it be any point in running PageDefrag again, since it seems that it is not the foe here? I have viewed the event log, however it escapes me what it is supposed to tell me (except the obvious). I was surepriced to learn that my cd rom causes so much errors though, but I doubt this is the origin of my troubles...any ideas? The next time my computer crashes I will mark the time, look up the error message and post it. By the way, I have run bootvis to optimize my system...how would this solve my problem though? I have a lot of "application hang" errors, are they relevant? Later
  8. Hi again, Well, I can tell you that my file system is NTFS and that the defrag program I mentioned above is the one I used. As for using the windows defrag utility; it does not have the option of defraging the os files (as far as I know). I'm downloading bootvis now to see if it helps me to figure out the problem, however I'm not to sure it will. Another problem I have not yet mentioned, which also appeared after "the insident" is that during boot an error usually occurs "Primary master hard disk fail". However ctrl+alt+del causes a reboot and eventually (usually after 2 or 3 reboots) the system boots normally as far as I can tell. I know I could reinstall my os, but I am rather curious to what exactly went wrong. Occupational habit I suppose, but I feel a need to know and to understand it. Thanks for all the input so far.
  9. Hi, I used a program (freeware) that someone recommended to me. I can't remember who at the moment. Anyway, I believe it was a release by Sysinternals. This is the link: http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/PageDefrag.html However, to be sure I need to check my computer, which I can't at the moment as explained above. I will return with this information too in a few days.
  10. Hi again, Sorry for the delay...I believe I'm using NTFS. I can't imagine why I would've installed anything else. However I am unable to get to my computer at the moment (since I'm not home, thus the delayed reply) but I'll check in with a definite answer to that question within the next couple of days. If I understood you correctly you have run into a similar problem, and I am greatful for any help and hints in how to fix my pc. Later
  11. Hi, I did something really stupid...I tried to defrag the os files. Ever since, winxp freezes without warning disabling all keys and controls. To reboot I have to cut the power. As you can probably imagine this is very annoying, how do I remedy this without loosing any of my files? Help!
  12. Hi, The problem is that my Ralink rt 2500 wlan can't connect to my d-link wireless router. It finds the network, but fails to connect every time. I know that the router is ok and that there's nothing wrong with the IS since i'm using them wright now through a different laptop (with a different wlan card). PLEASE HELP! (I know I'm not the only one with this problem). By the way, I'm using XP SP2

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