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  1. Need Help!

    I've found the solution!! I don't know how, but I had this "All Users" folder with a wrong Security Permissions definition. The solution his described in "Microsoft, Help and Support 898512 Article". This article is for Office 2003, but it can be also applied to Office XP. Regards.
  2. [Desktops] 2005

    Due to the explicit social and political message shown on the wallpaper of this desktop, you have to click the links to see it. BE ADVISED!! CLEAN DIRTY
  3. Need Help!

    Hello!! I had activated the guest account on my PC, to let others use it, but when they want to run Office, some applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. are not available. For example, when trying to run Word they’re warned with an error message that says: “Microsoft Word is not installed to the current user. Run the configuration utility to install the application.” , and the same happens with other Office applications. My OS is Windows XP Pro SP2, and my installed Office is the XP Pro SP3. I had already uninstalled and installed again (“full installation” and “running all from the PC”), and the problem persists. And I don’t know what is the “configuration utility to install the application” that is refereed in the error message. I've already tried to create a new limited account, and it happens the same with the new user, and after that I’ve tried to activate the guest account on another PC with the same OS and the same Office, and a mini-install to the Office aplication had run well, then the guest user had started working fine with Office!! Does anyone knows what problem is this, and how to solve it. Thanks!! Regards to all!! P.S. - Sorry if my English is not very perceptible, but I’m Portuguese, and my English Teachers, on my past days in school weren’t very good , or maybe was me, that had not paid the needed attention B) !!