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  1. Changes in future versions

    If you can add stuff from XP, do it. Require an XP disc inserted if you must.
  2. 98 SE SP 2.1

    is it ok to install this over the top of sp2.02 and 98se2me?
  3. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    When is the next version due??
  4. best way to link drivers to devices ? with 98se2Me

    is there any way you could add those updated winME system files to one single download + install for 98se2me?
  5. Latest news about Service Packs

    Is it possible to install the next version of the service pack over a system using the current service pack + 98se2me? Will it not overwrite newer files or something similar...
  6. Hello MDGx, could you please tell me a little bit more about option 3? It's not clear why the files are seperate, or what the differences are with the new versions, or what some of the problems are that could be encountered. In short all I really wanna know is if I will see an improvement if I install option 3
  7. Windows 98SE, 48-bit LBA support for 137gb+ drives?

    I am using win98SE I have a 160GB drive formatted to FAT32 on a windows XP computer, it comes up as 149GB in my computer. It seems to work properly, the only problem I have run into is that I can't run scandisk from within windows on the drive.
  8. Win9x: More than 512 MB of RAM?

    I have two questions. Does the 98 to ME mod that you can do improve the functionality of having large ammounts of RAM and does win98SE with the unnoficial service pack actually benefit from ram over 512MB