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  1. by manually thumpa666 means via the command line. See this http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/windo..._slipstream.asp
  2. Originally, the next generation file system dubbed WinFS was going to ship with Windows Vista, however someone over in Redmond decided that to include it in the original release would not be feasable as it is still in the early beta stages. It will be released at the same time as Longhorn Server. As far as installation goes, it is image based, so it will be super-quick to install and very easy to do an unattended. Microsoft have really geared the installation toward system administrators. Here is a bit of info on the stuff involved http://www.microsoft.com/technet/windowsvi...ert/ximage.mspx
  3. try downloading the latest drivers for your video card and monitor
  4. try this, not sure if it will work: 1. Create an empty folder on your desktop and name it whatever you wish 2. Plug one of your flash card readers in 3. Right Hand Mouse (RHM) click on My Computer > Manage > Disk Managment 4. RHM click on the flash card reader and select Change Driver Letter and Paths 5. Click on Change and assign it a drive letter that is not likely to be used eg Z: 6. You will now be prompted with a warning message, select Yes 7. RHM click on Z: and select Change Driver Letter and Paths 8. Click on Add 9. Select Mount in the following empty NTFS folder and then browse to the folder you previously created and click OK. 10. Click OK again and now your flash card reader will be mapped to the folder on your desktop. 11. Disconnect your first flash card reader and connect your second 12. Repeat the above process for each reader. Let me know how you go! PS. to hide unwanted drives in My Computer use TweakUI from Microsoft
  5. yeah you can use a thing called PXE. You have the contents of the XP disc on a network drive and then it will ask you if you wanna Network Boot PXE before Windows boots.
  6. this feature isnt currently in the versions of windows vista released so far. expect to see it in beta 2 at the earliest
  7. to get a copy of vista before beta 2 you need to either a) work for microsoft b) be a microsoft beta tester c) be a microsoft MVP (most valued professional) d) be a MSDN member (costs heaps) Beta 2 will be released soon and will be public (ie. anyone can download it)
  8. try right-hand-mouse-clicking on My Computer > Properties > Advanced Tab > Startup and Recovery Settings if you can do it, it will be there
  9. it may be on the actual disc, but it doesnt copy over to \WINDOWS when you install
  10. i doubt this will have any effect... why do you want to disable the page file though?
  11. i doubt you can do that with a script... but you never know

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