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  1. Thanks for that, im sure that I created a disk that worked and I didnt have to do that but I will go back and retry later on
  2. Hi Im having a strange problemw ith my MCE disk I copied the cmpnts folder from disk 2 into the same directory that i coped disk 1 into So disk 2 resides in the root foler of disk 1. When I come to make the disk in nlite, if i select to Media Centre component its only showing up as 300k. obvously i want to install MCE so i leave it unticked, create the cd and install. However onces MCE is in installed there is no media centre on there what so ever! Any ideas/
  3. It works brilliantly, after i did what that link suggested I can add MCE back onto a domain. Now all i have to work out is why my machine is crashing all the time NOthing to do with the cd i might add more of a botched driver install by myself
  4. QUick update. Didnt need to do anything with the Winnt.sif file and it just worked, Drivers the whole shebang, only problem is that it didnt join the domain. Is there a way to make that an attended part of the installation?
  5. Many thanks!! I will be trying this today when I get into the office Do I edit the winnt.sif file after Ive done all the stuff with Nlite? One quick thing. Im running an nvidia setup, drivers are extracted and when I look in say the Nforce drivers audio section there are 2 .inf files. How do I work out what one I need. So far im assuming that if there is inffile.inf and inffile2.inf to select the first one?
  6. hi There, New to all this so bear with me. Just downloaded the Nlite application and it doesnt state that it supports MCE. Whats the best tool out there to make an automated MCE install like Nlite would. Or is it possible to use nlite?

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