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  1. Hello , yes right .. echo format fs=fat32 label="WinPE" quick >> "%DISKPARTSCRIPT%" Bye AnyB
  2. Hello Guys , all the specs are confirmed UsbKey -> Fat32 +WinPe 4 x64 -> Works fine UsbKey -> Fat32 +WinPe 4 x32-> Doesn't work UsbKey -> NTFS +WinPe 4 x32-> Doesn't work UsbKey -> NTFS +WinPe 4 x64-> Doesn't work How to build WinPe 4 Uefi mode - start with admin privilege DandISetEnv.bat - run copype.cmd amdx64 x\yourforlder - mount -> customize and commit your boot.wim present inside media/sources/boot.wim - copy ALL the content of the media folder on the root of your usb key Fat 32 That 's all ...enjoy BRs AnyB.
  3. Hello , i will try and we will clarify all dubts ...as usual Official info should be file system fat or fat32 and WinPe x64 version Bye AnyB
  4. Hi Guys , i made progress .... @ Tripredacus boot from fat /fat32 should be a UEFI spec /requirement @ Johnhc Probably i found the solution but i need to test my usbkey and if work fine i will post here the steps for other guys Bye AnyB .
  5. Hi Johnhc , thanks so much for you prompt answer , My question is a bit different , I'm trying to build an usbkey ( fat\fat32) with uefi structure and WinPe4 BRs Bumbastik
  6. Hi Guys , i have a quick question for you ...Is possible create a bootable usbkey with WinPe4 IN UEFI mode ? I'm trying to search this info but without success . Thanks so much in advance for your input . BRs AnyB.
  7. YES , i confirm that all work fine with WinPe 3.0 environment Bye AnyB.
  8. Hi guys, I have a quick question for you . Is possible create a wim file with imagex or dism and protect it with a password ? Thank so much for your help Bumbastik
  9. HIi , you can see here http://www.deployvista.com/Home/tabid/36/E...US/Default.aspx Bye
  10. Hi , I have tried but the result is the same -- > desn't work This is my script ( 2 items ) Rem Creates BCD (boot configuration data) for three Windows PE 2.0 images set BCD-File=c:\PXEServer\Tftproot\Boot\BCD del %BCD-File% Bcdedit /createstore %BCD-File% Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /create {ramdiskoptions} /d "Ramdisk options" Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set {ramdiskoptions} ramdisksdidevice boot Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set {ramdiskoptions} ramdisksdipath \boot\boot.sdi for /f "tokens=1-3" %%a in ('Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /create /d "WinPE x86" /application osloader') do set guid1=%%c Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set %guid1% systemroot \Windows Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set %guid1% detecthal Yes Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set %guid1% winpe Yes Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set %guid1% osdevice ramdisk=[boot]\Boot\winpe_x86.wim,{ramdiskoptions} Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set %guid1% device ramdisk=[boot]\Boot\winpe_x86.wim,{ramdiskoptions} BCDedit /store c:\PXEServer\TFTPRoot\Boot\BCD /set %guid1% description "WinPe1" for /f "tokens=1-3" %%a in ('Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /create /d "WinPE x86 2" /application osloader') do set guid2=%%c Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set %guid2% systemroot \Windows Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set %guid2% detecthal Yes Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set %guid2% winpe Yes Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set %guid2% osdevice ramdisk=[boot]\Boot\winpe_x86_2.wim,{ramdiskoptions} Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set %guid2% device ramdisk=[boot]\Boot\winpe_x86_2.wim,{ramdiskoptions} BCDedit /store c:\PXEServer\TFTPRoot\Boot\BCD /set %guid2% description "WinPe2" Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /create {bootmgr} /d "Windows VISTA BootManager" Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set {bootmgr} timeout 60 Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /set {bootmgr} displayorder %guid1% %guid2% Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /enum all I have an error C:\PXEServer>Bcdedit /store c:\PXEServer\Tftproot\Boot\BCD /set {bootmgr} displayorder {d4c3277e-af2e-11dd-83c2-0002b3cc4b18} {d60c2c02-af2e-11dd-83c2-0002b3cc4b18} [b]An error occurred while attempting to reference the specified entry. The system cannot find the file specified.[/b] C:\PXEServer>Bcdedit /store c:\PXEServer\Tftproot\Boot\BCD /enum all Windows Boot Loader ------------------- identifier {d4c3277e-af2e-11dd-83c2-0002b3cc4b18} device ramdisk=[boot]\Boot\winpe_x86.wim,{ramdiskoptions} description WinPe1 osdevice ramdisk=[boot]\Boot\winpe_x86.wim,{ramdiskoptions} systemroot \Windows detecthal Yes winpe Yes Windows Boot Loader ------------------- identifier {d60c2c02-af2e-11dd-83c2-0002b3cc4b18} device ramdisk=[boot]\Boot\winpe_x86_2.wim,{ramdiskoptions} description WinPe2 osdevice ramdisk=[boot]\Boot\winpe_x86_2.wim,{ramdiskoptions} systemroot \Windows detecthal Yes winpe Yes Setup Ramdisk Options --------------------- identifier {ramdiskoptions} description Ramdisk options ramdisksdidevice boot ramdisksdipath \boot\boot.sdi Now If I run tftp32 the system return a BCD error 2 test - Run CreateBCD.cmd ( original file ) - Create a second cmd file only for change ID BCDedit /store c:\PXEServer\TFTPRoot\Boot\BCD /set {453c05f8-af1a-11dd-83c2-0002b3cc4b18} description "WinPe1" BCDedit /store c:\PXEServer\TFTPRoot\Boot\BCD /set {467b8114-af1a-11dd-83c2-0002b3cc4b18} description "WinPe2" Run Tftpd 32 and client . In this case Winpe works fine but I have the menu with identical items - Ram Option - Ram Option Any Suggstion Thanks a lot Ciao Bumbastik
  11. Hi Jaclaz , no problem , here my little how to : I following your link -> http://www.deployvista.com/Default.aspx?ta...&EntryID=27 1) Create your server structure and - create your wim1 image - create your wim2 image - create your wim3 image 2 ) Install and configure your TFTPD32 server 3 ) Create your BCD file with CreateBCD3.cmd ( cut & past ) - copy CreateBCD3.cmd in the C:\PXEServer folder - copy bcdedit.exe - Run CreateBCD3.cmd Now you have new BCD file in the c:\PXEServer\TFTPRoot\Boot 4 ) Run your TFTPD32 server and boot the client Wow works fine But we have a menu' with 3 identical ites - Ramdisk Option - Ramdisk Option - Ramdisk Option If you change this parameter in to CreateBCD3.cmd from Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /create {ramdiskoptions} /d "Ramdisk options" to Bcdedit /store %BCD-File% /create {ramdiskoptions} /d "WinPE" Now you have menu' with 3 items - WinPe - WinPe - WinPe I would change this menu' !! For example - Winpe1 - Winpe2 - Winpe3 Any suggestion Ciao Ciao Bumbastik
  12. HI , ok now all works fine !!! I can boot two different WinPe 2.0 ( with a menu' ) an only session of TFTPD32 But I have another little problem . When I see the menu' item this has the identical name On my example -Ramdisk Option -Ramdisk Option If possible change this menu' ? For example - WinPe 1 - WinPe 2 Thanks a Lot Bumbastik
  13. HI Jaclaz , thanks a lot for your suggestions I will try next time Ciao Ciao Bumbastik
  14. Hi guys , I have a question for you . I have 2 differents version of BartPe and 2 different version of WinPe 2.0 . If I use TFTPD32 with a single " image " ( BartPe or WinPe ) all works fine . But I don't know the way for use with TFTPD32 and a menu for select an "image" to run . Can you help me with example o link ? Thanks for your collaboartions Bumbastik
  15. Hi Thanks for your fast answer !! Can you post any example ? My WinPe version is 2.0 Thank a lot for your help AnyB
  16. Hi all , I have a little question for you . My problem is this . I want my hdd with 4 partitions . OK , but I know only the size of first 2 partitons , the last 2 partitions will be half of the free size on the disk. For example Hdd = Total size 250 Gb ( total size may change ) 1 partition = 25 Gb ( I know this size but this value may change and can be variable ) 2 partition = 25 Gb ( I know this size and this value doesn't change, which is constant) 3 partition = 100 ( I don't now this size and will be half of the free size ) 4 partition = 100 ( I don't now this size and will be half of the free size ) Is possibile create this with diskpart ? Thanks for your collaborations
  17. Hi , you can delete -j1 and try with -n This parameter allow long filenames ( longer than DOS 8.3 Names ) bye Bumbast1k
  18. Bumbastik

    Nlite Live CDROM

    Not possible with nLite but is possible build a standalone NLite !!! Dangerous , becouse for last version you need dot net 2.0 Hi, Bumbastik
  19. I suppose your problem is resolution of WinPe Is you wont change resolution see this post http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=99197 This hta work fine , set WinPe resolution at 1024*768 ( setres h1024 v768 b21 ) and modify windows state parameter ( normal -> fullscreen bye BB
  20. Hi , change in hta code this parameters from WINDOWSTATE = normal to WINDOWSTATE = fullscreen bye
  21. You can automize this process add in to x:\windows\system32\setres.exe open x:\windows\system32\starnet.cmd add this string setres h1024 v768 b32 ok save and exit Now , when you reboot winpe your resolution is 1024x768 with 32bit ( color ) bye AnyB
  22. keythom, please, can you post your htm file about this great tutorial Thanks Bumbastik
  23. zorphnog, thanks for your suggest , now all works fine Regards Bumbastik
  24. hi @ all , i have a little question for you . Can I change video resolution on my Winpe 2.0 ( my default resolution is 800x600)? I need same plugin. or run a command from cmd ? Can you help me ? thanks Bumbatik
  25. bj-Kaiser , your answere is correct . My problem is present only when I try boot from external usb w/o load ram if my pWinpe boot from external usb with load ram all works fine if my Winpe boot from internal Hdd ( S-ata ) w/o load ram works fine bye Bumbastik
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