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  1. Thanks, MGDx. The error persists with or without an O2.bat edit; moreover backups can be created, (without edit), upon system restart, so it's not your code. I think it's a problem in my system. Recently I've had sporadic 'frozen' shutdowns, hence the idea to re-install the latest 98SE2ME to try and overcome this. The winoldap error occurs at -- C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\SHELL32.DLL, SHExitWindowsEx 2 -- when extracting or finished extracting from WIN98SE\WIN98_28.CAB I don't know if this is from O2 script or another. But the 'forced' shutdown is 'normal', meaning no scandisk on restart. :-) Sorry to bother you, yet appreciate any ideas I can work on. Update : ‘Frozen’ shutdowns solved by re-installing the network adapter card. My system was not disconnecting from the network when other computers were on line. 8-12-2008 version of 98SE2ME updates, along with those from July, were installed manually, so I’m back with a stable, up-to-date, speedy OS, thanks to MDGx.
  2. I try to install the 8-12-2008 version of 98SE2ME, option 1, but keep getting a 'winoldap caused an invalid page fault in kernel32.dll' error, after O2.bat, I think, finishes running, (the Gamezone files). I then have to reboot and an earlier 98SE2ME loads. Appreciate any ideas how to overcome this so that 98SE2ME runs to completion. And many, many, thanks, MDGx, for this OS, and for the tweaked NVidia 82.69 drivers which do wonders on a FX 5500 card in an old BX MB.
  3. I had similar video driver install problems as Eck but couldn't figure it out. Even when I switched from an ATI card to NVidia, the install delay was the same. Thank you, MDGx, for diagnosing the problem, and thank you, Eck, for your time in isolating DEVMGR32.DLL as the culprit. And the update for 98SE2ME is now posted, so fast. You guys rock! Microsoft would have taken months.
  4. 98 SE SP 3.32

    Thanks, eidenk, Just to clarify, I'm installing the 98SP 2.1a onto the existing, previously installed, 98SP and 98SE2ME upgrades. Most version conflict files refer to WinME files, version 4.90.3000 etc.; plus hh.exe, hhsetup.dll, etc.; and mouhid.vxd, vip.386.
  5. 98 SE SP 3.32

    Sorry to bother you but when installing 2.1a over the earlier 98SE Service Pack plus a current 98SE2ME, I get a total of 38 file version conflict messages to which I so far have responded to 'keep my existing version'. Should I change my 'newer' and currently installed files to those included in 2.1a? My thanks and best regards to Gape, and to MDGx,
  6. First a big thank you to MGDx and Gape for all the WIN98SE upgrades. My old intel 82443BX with 100FSB and 1.2 Celeron on a slot adapter positively hums and is stable. The video card is a Radeon 9200SE. Recently I tried replacing it with an ASUS V9520X (nvidia) card but this calls for EMM386 to be installed. I get a message to this effect at boot up. The boot process continues and installs EMM386 but then I get problems with some programs and the overall stability is affected. Can someone please help and tell me what is going on? Should I use a memory manager such as UMBPCI, or can I just 'clean' the Config.sys file and revert to a normal WIN98SE un-upgraded version, or what should I enter in the config.sys file? My thanks again to Gape and MGDx.