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  1. RegTweakage.NET

    First, XML is no "new technology", it's ages old. And second, I'm working on the client, so there's no "we"! And don't release stuff that isn't finished yet.
  2. RegTweakage.NET

    We're currently testing the new site. You can check it out at http://regtweakage.kevinlubbersen.com.
  3. I'd like my name changed from Freakyboy to HGK if that's possible. Thanks in advance. Done
  4. RegTweakage.NET

    Actually, the situation is as follows: I don't have alot of time to work on RT.NET and to post updates because my study is taking away most of my time. Lots of projects at school (mostly Java :-P). In 2 months I've summerbreak (thus no projects for school) so I hope I can release some beta versions during summerbreak, and hopefully a final version after summerbreak. Regards, HGK
  5. RegTweakage.NET

    Thanks for nothicing the grammatical errors . To answer your question, we are not sure yet if RT.NET will be Open Source. I might release under the GNU GPL, but not sure yet. I'm currently talking with HJW about new features for v0.3 Beta. I will update everone once we got a list of what will be added and improved. P.S. Sorry for the long time of inactivity, school is sucking up alot of my time EDIT: It's been a while since new features were announced . But I finally found time to post the new features, and already code some of the new features . Here is a list with features that will be implanted in v0.3 Beta: Local Database In the next version a local database system will be implanted. This will make the application a lot faster, since it doesn't depends on the remote database alone. With this system you don't have to be connected to the internet to work with RT.NET. There will be an option to sync the local database so it contains all new tweaks that are added to the remote database. In the future a RT.NET Database Management application will be released to add you own tweaks directly to the local database. RT.NET will support multiple local databases out of the box. Sub-categories To make the navigation easier, sub-categories will be implanted.
  6. RegTweakage.NET

    Hey guys, Lot's of new stuff we might add. Navigation will be hard while the tweak collection grows, this is why we will likely implant sub categories. Some tweaking will be done to the client tonight. And while at it I might make tooltips for the tweaks. And Siginet is right, RT.NET will run under Vista since it's written in .NET, only thing is no tweaks for Vista yet. Regards, HGK
  7. RegTweakage.NET

    Development is going well. We have fixed alot of minor bugs this week. If you want to help us with the testing, please contact HJW. We can definitly use every help we can get.
  8. RegTweakage.NET

    Just a quick update on the development. HJW (5128) and I have Client v0.1 (Pre Beta) running, which is fully functional. I'm currently bussy with RT.NET ServerSide (name may change ). Current Client features: - Retreive developers log, categories and tweaks from database - "Compile" selected tweaks and save as *.reg or *.txt Current ServerSide features: - Login required (accounts will be availlable for entheusiasts once beta testing begins) - Add/edit users (admin only) - Edit developers log (admin only) - Add categories Features I'm curretly working on: - Add tweaks Regards, HGK (Freakyboy)
  9. RegTweakage.NET

    No that's true. Unfortunatly our host gave up and the project has been idle for some time. I'm bussy with school so not much time. But I just picked the project up again. There's some news. The GUI will be totally redesigned (to run in lower res, like metioned earllier) and the app will be totaly data driven (MySQL database). Only thing we need now is a good host who can host both our website (PHP + 1 MySQL database) and our MySQL database for RT.NET. Edit: Development is going smooth. The client is ready for a first release, so I posted a screenshot to show the new GUI. I'm currently busy with the management application of the project. To manage the database I'm working on a web-based application in PHP. If all goes well it should be finished in two weeks (could be a few days if I don't have to go to school ). Only problem is the host. We need a good reliable host for the management application, our website and 2 MySQL Databases (one for RT.NET and the other one for our website). I think we must go for a paid hosting package I guess .
  10. should be : I've not tested all tweak, only thus who interested me.... Fixing right away Thanks for noticing
  11. RegTweakage.NET

    If you ppl have time, can you please test this latstest alpha? Download: here Please report all bugs. Thanks HGK Edit: What would be better: encrypted user profiles or INI format user profiles? I mean the user profiles, not the User Tweaks. I'm waiting for sugestions . Btw RT.NET will not be open source, if there's high demand for total control we rather make the total application data driven (although not before a complete release )
  12. RegTweakage.NET

    And I must redesign the GUI at some point since ppl with low resolution wants to run it too. But I want to implant some more tweaks first. Btw the "User Tweaks" panel is fully operating, so that's all covered. The ability to add your own tweaks will be right there from the first release . Since the Alpha Tester sign-ups aren't that popular, I think I might release a public Alpha again sooner or later
  13. RegTweakage.NET

    I know, not much activity the last days (not on this forum atleast ). But the project is moving on! I'm bussy with a data driven section, so that the user can add their own tweaks. The alpha testers sign-ups are also open (visit our forums), please sign-up as tester 'cause I need some ppl to test some new features before I implant them Greetz B) HGK
  14. RegTweakage.NET

    Ok, I get it now . It's a nice feature, maybe a bit hard for me to realize at this point, but maybe it will be possible in later releases. Keep the ideas coming