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  1. Hi, I am trying to install a version of XP (modified with NLite) onto a laptop without a CDROM and it cannot boot from USB. I have taken the HD out, put it in another computer and ran the following command: winnt32.exe /syspart:c: /tempdrive:c: /noreboot /makelocalsource With the HD back in the laptop, textsetup now loads - but displays an error similar to the following: no previous version of windows NT can be found. Setup cannot verify that you can install this upgrade. The CD I used is a full version, and is not an upgrade edition. It worked fine on another computer with a blank HD, just causes an error when setup is run from a HD. Please help me to resolve this - it's really bugging me Thanks
  2. Identifying DVDRW in windows PE

    After doing a lot of research on the net, I discovered that a CD drive can be identified by issuing SCSI MMC (multimedia commands) to the device. I found various GUI tools that could identify a CD drive and its capabilities, but none were suitable for my purpose. Then I found information at the Bustrace website on the windows SCSI pass through interface. I decided to investigate the SCSI pass through interface further and as luck would have it, I came accross this EnumCD. Knowing a little C/C++ I decided to modify the program so it can export the CD-Drives capabilites as XML. Which would allow me to use this in my HTA to auto select installation of CD writing software such as nero. Attached is a sample of the exported data, I'm not an XML guru, so if anyone wants to suggest a better structure for the data, please feel free Also attached is the EnumCD.exe program file, and source code (again if anyone wants to correct me or inform me of a better way to acheive something, please do) Hope someone will find this of some use. EnumCD.exe CDRoms.xml EnumCD.rar
  3. Identifying DVDRW in windows PE

    My objectives were to identify if there was a DVDROM installed and install PowerDVD, and identify if there was a DVDRW/CDRW installed and install Nero I've considered WMI, but when I query the CDROM's on my PC, my DVD-ROM is listed as JLMS XJ-HD166S If this is the case with most DVD drives, i don't think the script will be able to recognise if a JLMS XJ-HD166S is a DVDRW or just a DVDROM Something like Nero Info tool, that can identify actual capabilites of the drive would be ideal
  4. I want to use a script from Windows PE to identify if a PC has a DVDRW or CDRW installed, if it has then I want to add the CD burning software to the install list in GUI Run once. anyone any idea on how I can achieve this? Thanks
  5. Nforce 4 Lan Loading In Winpe

    I had problems with this too - then I found a very helpful pdf document on the driver CD. It's for adding the network drivers to a RIS image but I assume it'll work for windows PE too Cant remember the filename - i'll check when I get home
  6. Heres my situation: I have a preinstall server running on .Net server. XP OPK is installed and I've configured it to allocate IP addresses to the new machine on the other end of the x-ova cable. When the new machine is booted with the WinPE installation floppy & CD combo, the files are copied to the HD, and setup runs with no errors. However (!) my configuration set is supposed to install applications when XP has installed, which it doesnt do. This is because the network card needs a driver installed. I have tried to install the driver manually, then use the sysprep -factory command to re-configure the PC based on the winbom.ini file on the floppy. This doesnt work either, I think XP removed the unsigned driver as I got errors again, "cannot find the file specified" when trying to renew IP address. How would I go about pre-loading the driver into the XP configuration set? The network driver is unsigned, so the signing policy would need turning off. I know that they must be specified in unattend.txt, but I cannot get it to work. WinPE throws an incorrect function error. HELP
  7. I have both the compressed and uncompressed file in the I386 directory.
  8. Just been reading the XP OPK documentation, and found references to two HTM files which can be edited. i386\fini.ht_ i386\welcome.ht_ expand these files, make your changes (watch out not to modify the script code), then recompress using makecab.
  9. I've edited the WINNTBBU.DLL file, compressed it, and replaced it in my I386 directory. Whenever I launch setup from within windows (which normally never happens), the custom graphics are shown, however when I boot from the CD the default XP screens are used. Any one know where I've gone wrong? Cheers