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  1. how do i generate an answer file? i guess this is the only option :/
  2. I can't do it from the command line? I'm not using any XML files on reseal or anything
  3. I like to install windows fresh, apply all updates and new drivers, customize the environment/add some branding, then run sysprep and make an image... that way when using the image it comes to OOBE and asks for product key but SIDs are changed and drivers are all fresh. With vista, when i run sysprep with oobe and generalize switches, when it reboots to oobe it doesn't ask for a product key and it deletes all the drivers i installed before sysprepping, but my customizations/environments settings seem to be retained what can i do? i don't want to make images and have to manually update the drivers, i don't want to script them either, i just want them to stay during a sysprep :/ thanks
  4. I'm using WSUS in the office here for employee machines, but customers that bring their computers in for service I don't have a good clean way to do the updates without using windows update on each one (some things like dotnet/mp10 i keep on a network share) is there an easy way i can take the list of XP SP2 hot fixes, download them then script an install? or does someone have one premade I could use? thanks