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  1. Hi, this seems to be the last problem with my multiboot dvd. I have had to copy wpi.cmd to my hdd (using $oem$) but otherwiseit will run off and install from the cd fine. It says in a cmd window Found cd-rom as drive the system cannot find the path specified. Then in a windows error box it says Windows can not find '\Tools\VideoChanger.exe' any ideas? please ignroe this is now fixed
  2. cheers for the info. Looks like handwriting them on the back of the cd case will be best then
  3. i see so tehre is no default optino to show the cd key and allow it to be modified?
  4. Hi, ive almsot finished my unattended cd but am having one minor problem. The installation program is not asking for the cd key. I have entered it correctly in my WINNT.SIF and windows installs fine. However, i want it to show the entered cd key and to allow me to modify it if i want. This is becase i intend to use this cd to help fix other people's computers and need to be able to enter their cd key. But, i want mine one to be in there as default so i can use the cd to reinstall my OS. Is this possible? As i thought i have seen this before? if so why isn't it working? Many Thanks ;SetupMgrTag [Data] Autopartition=1 MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" [Unattended] UnattendMode=ProvideDefault UnattendSwitch=No OemPreinstall=Yes OemSkipEula=Yes FileSystem=* WaitForReboot=No NoWaitAfterTextMode=1 NoWaitAfterGUIMode=1 DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore NonDriverSigningPolicy=Ignore TargetPath=\WINDOWS KeyboardLayout="United Kingdom" [GuiUnattended] TimeZone=85 OEMSkipRegional=1 OemSkipWelcome=1 EncryptedAdminPassword=NO [GuiRunOnce] Command0=%CDROM%\WPI\WPI.cmd [UserData] ProductKey=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxx FullName="" OrgName="" [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1 Language=00000809 [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=Yes [Components] msnexplr=off [Identification] JoinWorkgroup=WORKGROUP [TapiLocation] CountryCode=44
  5. Thank you very much, a great program taht saved me a lot of time/hassle
  6. Sorry this is the first time hex editing and im abit confused. ive been reading flyakite's gudie but am stuck. basically im making a multiboot dvd my root folder atm looks like: \XPPRO .\i386 \XPMedia .\i386 \2000Pro .\i386 Pro1.dat (for xp) Mpro.dat (for xp media) 2Pro.dat (for 2000) I want to keep the boto files setupldr.bin, winnt.sif. In their os sub folders i.e. xppro/i386 and just have the .dat files in the root of the dvd. As it seems messy to me to move these to folders to the root of the dvd like PRO1. Is this possible? if so how do i edit these files? setupldr.bin, winnt.sif, PRO1.dat. I know i use a hex editor do i just do repalce i386 with for example XPPro\i386 ? Many Thanks for your time
  7. Hi, can't find much info on this. I want to use wpi to copy one file off the cdrom (in %cdrom%\software\) to a sub folder in program files on the system drive. I believe its possible to do this using copy/xcopy within wpi? If so how? Also i want to use getOSver to not install a program on certain os's. As i have one program that won't work on 98 and ME. How do i use this so my applciation won't try to install on 98 and ME Many Thanks
  8. cheers for that, how would we go about makign our own mst file tho?
  9. I had a problem with my mst if it was over 8 characters long Hi thansk for that but no luck im afraid. This is the noly thing stopping me from compelting ym unattended dvd:( One of the errors img etting is : Error 1308. Setup cannot find the required file C:\Office\FILES\PFILES\MSOFFICE\OFFICE11\1033\XLREADME.HTM. Check your connection to the network, or CD-ROM drive. For other potential solutions to this problem, see C:\Office\FILES\PFILES\MSOFFICE\OFFICE11\1033\SETUP.CHM. Yet this file exists in the c:\office2003\ fodler i.e. my soruce fodler as is defined in the ini yet its looking for it in the destination folder???
  10. aye does this program work with the enw version 7 of nero?
  11. Hi, im having a few problems. first of all my ini [Language] lang=English dir=1033 retry=&Retry title=Microsoft Office error=Error [Directory] Office Source=C:\Office2003\ Office Target=C:\Office\ [Files] Office Setup EXE file=SETUP.EXE Office Setup MST file=unattended.MST [Version] Number=11.0.5510.0 office2003 folder contains office2003 with sp2 slipstreamed (created with a admin install setup.exe /a) I am attempting to shrink it on vmware with a fresh install of windows xp sp2. Office 2003 sp2 is in the "office2003" folder (source) the "office" folder (target) is i assume a folder created by shrunk with the new version in? But i am not too sure. As i keep getting errors unable to find xx file in office folder. But ofcourse you won't aas thats the destination, the source is Office2003? Am i missing something (show all files and file types is set) Cheers for any help
  12. any chance of getting a maniaq version with all the required dll's in for 7.05. Their is very little size difference between the one with and without the dll so id rather have the one with the dll
  13. i gave up on cdshell. it is an extremly buggy program no matter what i could not run memdisk in it. I have now gone back to the original diskemu and it works great. Cheers for all the help
  14. Hi, LiquidSage i have sent you a pm regarding cdshell and bcdw. As for using cdshw.com you are right and i did think of this myself hence why ive tested it using virtual pc yet, i still get the same errors of no command entered.
  15. thanks for that. However, i am still getting unknown command entered (this time bcdw). Am i really doing something majroly wrong here?
  16. Hi thanks for the help. ive renamed it to .img and .IMG but it makes no difference. if i use if $lastKey == key[2]; then memdisk /pqmagic.img i still get command not found if i use if $lastKey == key[2]; then memdisk pqmagic.img (note the lack of a /) command not available ins cript debugger. So i thought ill try it on virtual pc as maybe the test script (cdshw.com) isn't workign correctly. On virtual pc i get the same error for both which is command not found. For reference the full error is Error:unknown command entered. [command: memdisk] [Line 58.2] [File: cdshell.ini] Cheers for your help guys, i really appreciate this
  17. Windows Xp works great cheers for your help. However, i am having problems with partition magic. I created a 2.88mb floppy image using winimage and am using. and have caleld the file pqmagic.IMA i am using if $lastKey == key[2]; then memdisk /pqmagic.IMA to try and launch it. I have also tried if $lastKey == key[2]; then diskemu /pqmagic.IMA pqmagic.ima is in the root folder. Yet i get a error inc dshell when i try to run it memdisk/diskemu not found. Any ideas? Cheers
  18. Thankyou very much, uve been a massive help
  19. Hi, thanks thats one of the things i wasnt sure on i found all these references to SP1 but none for SP2. so i would run xp by telling the program to run the dat file this would then tell it to look in the i386 folder i take it? Cheers for your help, i understand all of the hard stuff but how toa ctually run the xp install escaped me
  20. Hi, i hope you can bear with me as i am very new this and perhaps am not understanding some of the simpler things. My goal is to create a multiboot cd/dvd with windows xp SP2 slimstreamed (unattended install) with various applications being run using runonce (i will add these last once i get the main part working) It will also have partition magic 8 on which can be loaded via the boot menu. I am using diskemu currently to do this. I have successfully used nlite to create a slimstreamed sp2 unattended install and have a .iso and a folder containing the contents of this iso. I have used winimage to create a .ima file (2.88mb) for partition magic 8. I have created my menu using diskemu but, this is where i start to struggle. Most guides i've read seem to concentrate on multiple versions of windows on 1 cd/dvd. I don't want this just xp sp2 and partition magic (making it a multi boot cd/dvd). Therefore, i dont believe i need to modify the folder strucure of xp (correct?). Most guides seem to run the xp image or folder contents (not sure which?) via a dat file. I can find zero explanation on this and hope someone will help. What is this dat file? Where do i get it from/How do i make one (SP2)? Is there anything else i need to know with integrating this with partition magic? Many Thanks for all your help

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