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  1. Nonsense... You can set up most routers to use a Dynamic IP and register with the host. You can then inside the router (which you can set to any IP range you so choose) to forward all the ports required for your remote access to your PC directly. For example, say you have a router that registers a mydomain.net at DynDns.com. And your PC is on your network. You have an FTP Server running on port 2000 on You set up the router to forward any traffic coming in on port 2000 to You can connect to your ftpserver anywhere in the world by using an FTP program and using: ftp://mydomain.net:2000 You can set up any services to run that way on the router. the router would not screw anything up, it just means you'd have to spend time setting up the router and re-doing your internal network. Plus you could use the firewall on said router and disable the Windows one as well. So you'd be protected by SPI Router firewall AND nat. Not to mention that if you PC goes down for anytime, (or you do a software/OS upgrade downgrade whatever) none of the other PC's are going to see any connectivity issues as the router is doing it and not your PC. The amount of time you have spent getting this to work, you could have got a router and got it working (everything working) within a a few days. I would reccomend getting this router: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....ription=WRT54GL and then either getting the Tomato firmware from http://www.polarcloud.com/firmware <<Awesome or for a more advanced firmware go to http://www.dd-wrt.com/dd-wrtv2/index.php Really just a little bit of work (and searching the internet/forum for the ports you need to forward) and you'll be all set. No more crappy ICS... total access to your PC from anywhere and access to your router too so you can check logs etc... I did this two years ago and I never ever looked back. I dont miss ICS and I never will. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Hi Nuhi, I have tried your latest vLite with the newest Nforce 4 drivers for the RAID, Chipset etc. It says it intgrates them just fine, and when I use the vLite'd copy to install it doesnt see the RAID array, I have to still manually load the driver.. Am I doing anything wrong???

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