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  1. these errors are coming from the installer.js file. here's mine. installer.js
  2. I have a couple of installations that require a reboot before a patch is applied. My main example is my Oracle Discoverer installation. What I want Install the application, issue a reboot via WPI, it reboots and installs the patch. What Happens Install the application, issue a reboot via WPI, machine reboots and does not install the patch and WPI errors out. WPI loads, and I get the following error and I'm asked if I want to debug it or not. Error A Runtime Error has occured. Do you wish to Debug? Line: 1 Error: Invalid character After that error this one shows up Error A Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug? Line: 490 Error: 'programs[...].cat' is null or not an object opening the debugger shows line 490. CurrentCategory-programs[CurrentInstall].cat This same behavior happens with any item I add a {reboot} to, no matter where in the install chain it is. So, how do I fix this?
  3. MDT 2010

    Yes. You have to create a task sequence for Windows and applications installation first. Than you run this task sequence and for the capturing process the computer must not be joined to a domain. After the installation the computer should be captured, maybe you have to reboot manually to start the capture process. After this you'll find the captured image in the "captures" folder and you could import this image as a new operating system. Now you can create a new task sequence for deploying this captured image. You shouldnt have to restart manually. My method of doing all of this. 1. Import Win7 into MDT using the source files 2. Create standard TS to deploy Win7 to a machine and deploy Win7 to the machine 3. Create a Capture TS 4. On the machine with win7 create a mapped drive to the location that your deployment share is. 5. Open the mapped drive and go into the Scripts folder and open up litetouch.vbs. This will open up an interface much like the WinPE interface for MDT. 6. Go through the steps and select your Capture TS, finish the rest of the steps and it will run the capture TS and it SHOULD restart your machine automatically and boot to WinPE and capture the wim.