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  1. Same for me on x64. Also there is no Expand Control Panel option, and it should be very easy to implement (just CascadeControlPanel key in registry).
  2. It wasn't running but my network still doesn't work if I enable it. I noticed that Computer Browser depends on Server service and I know for sure that this service was disabled while my LAN worked. So it's not any of these services! Any more ideas?
  3. I've disabed many services acording to black vipers advice. I used something between safe and internet gateway (power user) preset. My cable net is working but when i enter IP manualy in order to use my home network i can't "see" the other mashine. workgroup is empty, and it worked a day ago while services were enabled...
  4. You could do this on xp by removing "Connection-oriented TCP/IP" in the "Default Protocols" tab when running dcomcnfg. Or by disabling entire DCOM on Default Properties tab. But when you do this on x64 "netstat /ano" still shows port 135 as opened?

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