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  1. Uncheck F&P sharing

    Try disabling the "Server" service on the workstation. This will stop any File and Printer sharing.
  2. Mui language problem

    AFAIK from my previous experiences it is not possible to slipstream the MUI into the i386 source folder of the Windows XP installation disc. You could try to create an unattended setup of the MUI files, and integrate it into the OEM folder so they get installed during the Windows setup.
  3. Icon Layout and multiple screen resolution

    I guess I'll stick with Layout.dll, which unfortunately save only one layout, whatever the screen resolution is.
  4. I'm a network admin at work. No time to lose with user privileges on my workstation. I just take care of using good security practices. I used to put my home computer with user privileges, but it was annoying to do Run As everytime I had to do something to the system, which was happening more often than I thought.
  5. Hello everyone, I am a Windows XP Professional user (32-bit) and I use often the Remote Desktop functionnalities on my workstation when I am at remote location (SSH2-tunneled, don't worry). The mean I am accessing my desktop is not my concern, as everything works fine. The only thing that annoys me is that I have a Widescreen monitor (19", 1440x900) and most computer I face outside user resolution ranging between 1024x768 and 1280x1024. As I prefer to use Remote Desktop in full-screen mode, my screen resolution is changed temporarily during the session, and my icon layout is modified each time. I would like to know if someone is aware of a little software that auto save&restore the icon layout on multiple screen resolution. For example, I'd like to have different icons set-up for 1024x768, 1280x1024 that are restored automatically at a screen resolution change. Thanks for your help everyone.