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  1. Hi all. We want to create 2 folders in the root of c: at build time and apply acl changes that will prevent normal users from deleting the folders as the essentially just public folders. What would be the best way to go about this other than using group policy? I have not had much experience with secedit but it seems fairly straight forward. We also don't want users to be able to create or delete folders/files at the root level. Is that possible (they don't run as administrators).
  2. Why does it ask for user/system/input locale if I set these settings in the specialize phase but not OOBE? If I then set them in OOBE it doesn't ask for them. Is it necessary to set them in OOBe for W7 not to ask for them?
  3. Hi all. How does one configure the unattend to work with USMT, specifically hardlinks? If I have set the disk to be wiped in the unattend, I assume hardlink migration won't work as I've set wipedisk to true.
  4. Hi all. I've setup the FirstLogonCommands to run a command file that installs soem software. However as you may know it does this before the desktop is instantiated. The CMD file includes a reboot I'd like to to do after the desktop has fully instantiated, is there a way to trigger the command file to run after the desktop is created rather than before or should a reboot during the middle of this not matter?
  5. Does anyone know how to add support for the Jet OLE provider in WinPE?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'm very interested in how you do your server build. With MDT it seems the standard way is to add the OS to MDT, create a task sequence and create the Lite Touch boot wim/iso. As you specify what image to use when you the task sequence, when u boot the LT wim it knows the UNC path I guess where to pull the OS from, say \\server\deployment$\OS\Win7Ultimate\win7install.wim If you copy the sources directory out of the boot.wim found in the sources directory of a Win7 iso, then you can boot WINPE and then run say setup.exe /wds /wdsdiscover /wdsserver:servername /unattend:unattend.xml. This actually pulls the image off the WDS server natively it seems. If we do it this way then it may be possible to use the WDS dynamic driver provisioning, but I would also like to use task sequences. I guess there is no way to apply a task sequence to this as your not using the builtin MDT deployment facilities as such.
  7. Hi all. I have created a WDS server and copied over the Win7RC WIM and boot.wim and installed them in the appropriate places - I can PXE and install Win7RC off the WDS with happens to be 2008 R2. I've dabbled with the driver provisioning and it works as expected. Thing is, I would like to avoid the whole build, capture, deploy routine and simply use the standard WIM and customize around it (don't know if this is possible) What I would like to do though is be able to have say a .hta when PXE booting that allows you to enter in the computer name (or pull it from the BIOS like the asset tag) and pass these parameters to the unattend.xml and then to setup.exe. The image to install off the WDS and all disk wiping etc would be in the unattend file and then this would be passed to setup.exe including any settings to answer Windows Welcome. In essence this means that the WIM is straight off the Win7RC and there would be not customization outside of scripts we run post install. It would also allow us to use the dynamic driver provisioning afforded by WDS in R2. Questions: 1. Is it possible to use MDT in concert with WDS to actually pull the image off the WDS server as opposed to applying the WIM off a network share using imagex? 2. Is there anyway to point image to the WDS to pull the drivers off the WDS server when not using WDS to deploy the image? Thoughts: - I'm going to have to modify the standard boot.wim and stop it booting into the WDS client and boot into my custom .hta - How do I 'inject' the computer name into an xml file?
  8. Currently we have system whereby we enter the workstation name before we deploy xp and that gets passed to a script which names the workstation and adds it to the domain. How can we achieve the same thing with Vista? Is there someway to edit the WDS screens to include a field whereby we can enter the workstation name we want it to be?
  9. hmmm that doesn't really help me. I should explain myself. We have created an image. After it is sysprepped we capture it. What we want to do is once it comes out of sysprep and detects the hardware to any drivers it needs available. This means we could conceivably deploy the same image on different hardware and simply update the driver directory on the network. It would then do a detect (perhaps using ztidrivers enum??) and then pull down any relevant driver.
  10. Say I have an image that I have used on my current fleet. If a new piece of hardware comes along with a new NIC that Vista doesn't recognise (and nor does PE for that matter). If I add the driver using BDD to the out-of-box drivers and recreate the pe image pe should detect the new NIC right? Soooo, how do I add drivers so that I do not need to create a new Vista build and not touch the image?
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